Friday, August 31, 2012


According to Ministry of Justice statistics an average of 8,000 drivers each year are apprehended 'driving while disqualified' or 'driving with their license having been revoked or suspended'.
In such instances the police have an option of issuing a Roadside Impoundment Notice which has the vehicle taken off the road and impounded for 28 days with the driver having to pay the costs associated with that before he/she gets the vehicle back.
Clearly with 8,000 plus drivers prepared to take the risk of being caught the threat of impoundment does not seem to be much of a deterrent.
Anyone want to give me a cogent reason why drivers who make a conscious effort to flaunt the law in this regard should not have the vehicle they were caught driving forfeit to the Crown ... end of story.
Please don't come back with the hoary old chestnut that it might be some-one else's vehicle.    A person lending a vehicle has a responsibility to ensure the person he/she entrusts with the vehicle has a valid license.    Obviously this would not apply to vehicles reported stolen and I guess there would need to be an 'exceptional circumstances' clause to apply in circumstances like driving a sick person to hospital when no alternative transport was available.
Interested in the reaction.   

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Having another crack at it

I've entered next year's Ironman in Taupo on March 2, kick off 7am.

This is my third crack at it.  In '99, while a raw 30yr old, I knocked the bastard off in a shade over 12 hours.  The 3.84km swim took me 1hr 5.  I was on the bike for the 180k close to 6hrs 20.  My marathon took 4hr 30ish.  That wasn't bad for a first attempt.  My long recollection after I'd finished was I felt I had 10hrs 30 in me.

But then I started a new career and became a dad.  Athletic endeavours took a back seat.  I kept reasonably active, and did the odd small event, but nothing of note until 2009 when Ironman celebrated its 25yr anniversary.  I had to be in for that and trained a lot differently that time around.  I focused a lot more on my cycling and running.  The result was a swim 10 minutes slower than '99; a bike ride 15minutes faster; and the plan was for a sub 4hr run.  Sadly, I stuffed up my nutrition and hydration and could barely walk, let alone run.  My finish time still had a 12 in it for hours, but I hoped for much better.

This time is slightly different again.  I have learned from both previous attempts and will be approaching it slightly different again.  I will see if I can do a lot more running at a much more aerobic pace to improve my ability to burn fat.  That will also hopefully allow me to back up my training on following days as I should recover better.  Who really knows; a lot of it is guess work - that's half the beauty of it.

I have got some lead-in events planned, starting with the Auckland Half Marathon on October 28 and including the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman in January.

At the moment most of my training is done very early in the morning.  It isn't unusual for me to be up at 5:30.  On weekends I'm out the door at 6:30 and can get three hours in before most people have even risen!  It's not hard for me to get up early; and I've never really been a night owl, so that helps.  Daylight saving is bliss for me.

I'll keep y'all appraised on the way with regular updates.  On the way I intend to raise a bit of money for Cystic Fibrosis - the official charity of Ironman.  I'll announce that here too in due course.

In the meantime, it's off to bed now for me.  I'm a little tired.  I had a 6am get-up with 45mins on the windtrainer and then ran a short 6k'r after work.  I'm pretty boring right now, as my wife says. 

Later, folks.


Cowardly weasels of our time

UPDATE:  who'da thunk it?  They did the right thing twice in one week!  How often do you get to say of the New Zealand Parliament "I'm pleasantly surprised?"

For an excellent description of what happened to the compromise vote (all the more excellent for being speculative, having been written before the vote was taken), see Graeme Edgeler's post on the subject.

Back in April I wrote about the conscience vote being taken in Parliament today over alcohol law "reform" (in quotes because reform is supposed to imply changes that improve things).  I had this to say about the prospect of a split purchase age:

...or even worse, enacting some kind of split purchase age level so that... so that... well, I'm fucked if I know what the aim of it is apart from making the law a lot more complicated.  It seems to be one of those compromises in which you choose the most stupid, pointless, expensive and difficult option exactly and only because you get to call it a compromise.

And also this:

This will be an interesting conscience vote - it will tell us who in Parliament has the integrity to stand up against the practice of picking on a minority for the sake of being seen to do something about a problem. ...  Happily, it will also tell us which MPs are such cowardly weasels that they'd inflict by far the worst option on us for the sake of being able to say they reached a compromise.

So, guess which camp the Chief Weasel has declared himself for?  You should be able to, it didn't come as any surprise to me.

That is nuts from the idjits we pay to make us safe..

A person I care about, recently went to his optometrist for a routine checkup.

The opto, in summary told him his eyes were fine for driving a car/light vehicle but he was borderline as to complying with the minimum for his HT.

Now either a driver can see, or cant see, enough to be safe.

Is it somehow "safer" to be killed by a driver of a Hummer than a Mack truck?

This is just bureaucratic gobbledegook, but not that surprising I guess.
They work there because no-one in the private sector could afford such stupidity.

The Decline Continues.

 The odious, sartorially splendid, arch proponent of the cult of personality, made a craven appeal to imagined followers who might have been enticed to the Craig wagon, in the debate on the Wall Bill, to join him in his newly discovered embrace of democratic principles

He called on those Democratic principles to be employed by way of referendum!

The only democratic principles that little prick understands are ones he can employ at any given time,to maintain his mirage of relevance in 2012. He would not recognise them if they stepped up and kicked him in the nuts.

He demonstrated admirably, how difficult it is to move water uphill with a rake.

The historical concept of the "estate of holy matrimony" that so many seek to preserve has been progressively diminished throughout my life.
The concept of marriage 60 years ago was still largely based on the transfer of a chattel from a father to a husband and the subsequent creation of a  haven for the spawn to be raised in, for protection  of wealth and security.

Today it is little more than an excuse for a pissup to mark a minor change to a cohabitation arrangement with about as much permanance as an iceblock on sunshine heated concrete.

Education, enlightenment, independent thought and empowerment, sponsored by ever increasing welfare advantages using compulsorally acquired OPMs, generously donated by succeeding political power seekers, have destroyed much of what "Marriage" should be.
The Wall bill is no more than a minor adjustment to the largely ignored "rules" of the once revered, respected and accepted status that defined and recognised the 'commitment' inherent in the ceremony.

Swmbo declined to accept "obey" in our vows, a rebellion that was given the 'royal ascent' with Catherine's marriage to HRH William Wales Windsor.
My darling wife  was always a terrific person and 50 years on is still my lover.
Cherish, yes, obey, negotiable, and it has worked out well- so far.

My concept of "marriage" is in no way threatened by Ms Walls bill that merely recognises change that is already entrenched in the society we are in in 2012.

As for the Dwarf just head on back to the Green Parrot and have another consultation with Walker J.
Oh, and you might consider in a moment of reflection how the vehicle you call a "Party" could benefit from a bit of devolution of power by way of adopting some of the "Democratic principles" you so fervently espoused last night. Many referenda over recent years should have given you a hint of where many see to you actually be, in the political landscape, 2012.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Wild West Down South.

Selwyn District Council is a Natural Disaster, covering the area from ChCh to the alps between the Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers.

Hundreds of residents are suffering major stomach infections from "DIRTY" water supplied by the council.

Campylobacter, E Coli, People of all ages perched on the Porcelain hugging a bucket.

Finally after days of no information, misinformation, denial, incompetence and negligent actions, Stuff reports un-named people at the Council have apologised. PFFFT.

The deep well that is the primary source of water to Darfield and neighboring Hororata suffered a pump failure leaving the area to revert to the already proven substandard, river water from the Waimak.
That is where the shit literally hit the fan.

I called a mate I hadn't touched base  for some time on Tuesday.
Just as I was about to hang up, no body home,  he said gidday I'll call you back.
Poor Mrs Mate was perched as described above. They are in their seventies!, both succumbed.

Alister Humphries the local health head honcho blames Darfield's  septic tank sewerage system.
Freekin Bullshit there muppet, there are plenty of very successful septic systems that deliver very desirable results throughout NZ and the world but when elected officials and their manipulative employees make idiotic and unsustainable decisions of course shit can happen, often does but it is avoidable.

How long does it take to reinstate a pump, FFS, that is where it started to unravel.
Neighboring Malvern Hills Rural Scheme has also had problems for years.
It also is in Selwyn County.

Maybe, Mr Mayor, you and your fellow tossers, you should start working the basics you are elected to do and forget all the feel good, nice to be seen to be doing ancilliary activities that feed your egos.

Clean safe running water is a very basic function.

Oh and how about some personal responsibility, accountability and a few actual real time meaningful apologies from those who you and the chief executive know are to blame for the potentially life threatening exposure to serious disease.

Wanganui, your leaders have failed you.

The decision of the officials to comply with the law as convicted subhuman Wilson became inexorably a candidate  for release and the choosing of your district to comply with the law, left the citizens understandably upset.

The reality is you drew the short straw.

On the facts as can be gleaned from the media, the selection of your place seems about as practical as  a practical consideration might deliver.

A few years ago another of these subhumans arrived at a similar time and place within the constraints of the Law.
Lloyd McIntosh was released to an isolated house at Halket, a very sparsely populated area to the west of Christchurch. That decision had many more holes in it than the proposal to comply with the law that has resulted in Wilson's required release circumstances.

Laws, the current Mayor and assorted elected representatives could have acted in a more measured way had they accepted the reality of due process and worked with those charged with administration of our too often chaotic outcomes that are delivered, to inform, negotiate and finally accept the result as citizens and avoided the attempts to form the lynch mob.

A gaping hole has been exposed in the systems that are available to control an animal such as Wilson and hopefully the trauma real and perceived you have had to confront will not be delivered to a community again.

The pervert had to be released, as the rest of us pretend to be more advanced in the treatment of such  an intractable  POS. It is very appealing to see the treatment that dogs suffer when they go bad, as acceptable but our humanity brings a different perspective to such decisions being made when  such a POS as Wilson is the focus.

Sadly for Wanganui you were selected, your leaders could have shown a more rational leadership role.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

EQC is a Crock.

After around sixty years of having a levy on insurance premiums confiscated from me to provide me with cover in the event of a major disaster, finally on September 4th 2010 that extraordinary cover was  to be accessed.

As the 2nd anniversary of the event looms, two pensioners are still awaiting a response to ascertain what will happen to our damaged dwelling.
It is our only home so you will bear with me as I rant again on the total innappropriateness of EQC to actually respond to such a disaster.
Watching holiday homes and second/third homes being made ready for the coming summer season by way of gangs of tradies beavering away , probably on the basis of "oil for squeeking hinges" it is galling to be told on each inquiry that our claim is in the "system".

1 EQC is, was, and never will be a viable entity to respond to a disaster as an insurance company does every week of the year.

2 Existing insurance companies should have been left to assess, and make decisions as to the reinstatement or other remedy for the damage caused by the quake.

# I accept that the creation of CERA has been one of the good decisions to emerge from the mess

3 EQC should be restructured as a reinsurance entity to stand behind the industry in its response to a declared disaster event probably by Order in Council.

4 Handing the deal to Fletchers has been and continues to be, a totally ineffective means of responding. It has sidelined many builders and tradesmen who for valid reasons have maintained their professional standards as they watch assorted crooks, charlatans and the hopeless make ballsup after cockup with substandard work.
Statistically the Fletcher figures indicate a response that can be held up as successful, the reallity is another level of bureaucracy that indicates a mirage of  productivity but at what cost.
Training days to ensure tradies can use a ladder, wear hi-vis jerkins, act as arbiters in disputes as to what is EQ damage and what is deferred maintenance often with very puzzling outcomes, and other inane structures are not even remotely humorous.

What has triggered this further rant.

Numerous approaches to our "Hub", EQC head office, and even personal approaches to staff I know socially are all to no avail as the second anniversary is less than a week away, and still no action. Often when a real person can be reached the response is: "I understand your frustration, I will make inquiries, I am finishing on Friday but I have noted your inquiry, we are making tremendous strides in resolving problems, we will get to you eventually, your file is with Fletchers", and other inane drivel clearly learnt at "training sessions".
That fact pales into the farce it really is,  as "Lumley" who are our current insurer keep in touch and stand ready to respond when and if EQC ever get around to making the necessary assessments that will require my insurer to step up or breathe a sigh of relief.
Could it be because I have nominated a reputable builder to be my contractor and the fact that I cant be bothered with the vultures that have descended on Canterbury to cream off a few baubles then head on out and leave the genuine tradies who live and work here to clean up after them.

However it is very comforting to know though, that those who live elswhere off shore and want their nice place in Akaroa when they descend on us for a couple of weeks over the summer and then depart, are being catered for, isn't it.
We must remember our place eh. Cripes we might die and that will solve it wont it. At least they wont have to answer the now weekly contacts by way of 0800damage, eh.


Yesterday I, along with perhaps 400 other 'decent' New Zealanders, went  to the interment of Private Richard Harris at the urupa just down from the family Marae on SH1 on the long straight between Okaihau and the Rangiahuia Bridge (Adolf will know it well).

It was an occasion marked with huge pride and huge sadness and great dignity.     As you would expect there were many members from both the Northland and Taranaki branches of the family present along with a very large contingent from Richard's 2/1 Battalion, RNZIR,  a significent number from the Patamahoe Rugby Club (just out of Pukekohe) and many returned servicemen including one of the few surviving members of 28 Maori Battalion along with veterans from Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam and later conflicts.

The service itself was short and sharp and in accordance with the rites of the Ratana Church and, as is the want on these occasions, it bucketed down just as the casket was being lowered into the grave which had many of the Maori present nodding in approval.    Perhaps the most poignant memory I will take away was the haka performed Richards military mates in farewell.  I have seen many haka, I have never seen one done with such passion.

Back to the heading.   What a contrast.   The love, the pride, the dignity and the passion at the funeral compared with the sick, sad mouthings of Barbara Sumner-Burstyn and those who sought to associate themselves with her by defending the indefensible.

I had the privilege of speaking with a number of soldiers present who had served in Afghanistan.    To a man they said that Ms S-B had simply no idea of the mission of the PRT and how they operated.    They said Ms S-B should step out of her ivory castle and seek to visit the PRT to see on the ground the difference they were making .... but they doubted she would have the courage or whit to do so.

Richard Harris, RIP.   


Cripes, Who wudda Thunk That?

 Stuff reports on research from the educated that reveals a diminishing of IQ in Dopes who start smoking weed before they turn 18.

Evidently a survey has shown a drop of 8 points in IQ between 13 and late 30s among those who started smoking dope as children and continued into  adulthood. I guess it aint much of a problem unless the start level is not to adjacent to their shoe size.
Ceasing  smoking hemp  had no reduction in the damage incurred.

Now what to do about it?  that will require much more money as subsidy of further study and I am willing to bet a thousand dollars to a pinch of goat shit it will prove intractable. Sheesh they might try "banning" it, that'l work for sure.

Just as the colossal waste of time and resources that is currently being expended on booze and binge drinking, Nero will fiddle while cannabis burns.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Absolutely Bloody Disgraceful!

Stuff revealed a day or two ago that the "Teachers Council" has a "Secret" list of teachers who are identified as at risk of sexual offending against pupils.

In light of recent revelations of offending by two teachers in this realm of totally objectionable destructive behavior, this latest admission is but one more exposed failure of teachers and their "professional entities".
Do teachers have to 'buy protection'.

Apparently Riki was able to adopt multilple Identities with consumate ease, including one occasion when he took not only the name of a teacher who had moved to Australia but also assumed that persons teaching certificate.  His alleged offending encompassed six schools.

James Parker became deputy principal of a school, became the teachers rep on the BOT  all after first becoming a person with flagged suspicious activity against his name some 15 years earlier as a teacher on section. He has been asked to respond to 49, yes 49 charges of sexual indecencies perpetrated on pupils in his care.

I struggled to understand why my Dad was so adamant that I could not become a "Boy Scout" some 60 years ago and to be fair Scouting New Zealand has made awesome progress in rooting out the potential offending that motivated my fathers totally understandable opposition to scouting.

The C**ts who take a position of trust in any field that allows access to their victims rely on secrecy and trust to succeed, that in itself is more than enough reason for the Teachers Council to abandon the hypocrisy that their "list" involves. Ffs it is not only BOT members and parents who can't access the "List" even a "police check" cannot access it. Not really sure who can in fact gain access to it.
A claim the list only applies to "a handful" is just bollocks.

One Child molested by one teacher is totally unacceptable, from that point it just gets worse accompanied by the disastrous outcomes that are all too often revealed as disfunction in later life.

Quiz Results

Marc in first with 4 very accurate answers out of 5.

Ele you see our country from a different view but you know it well.

pdm have searchd extensively for pics of people such as Coleman who was a  shooting star of his time re Muraroa Atoll, often without success.

Bazza got the Buller Swing Bridge,

And Simon Arnold five Typo accepted. Bit puzzled as to the connection of Sir William and a girls Swim pool in your previous life.

Awarding B R s to Marc.

Answers ;
1 Sir William Pickering whose work with the California Jet Propulsion Laboratory is topical with an anniversary of the Mariner project to Mars and the passing of Neil "one step" Armstrong.
2 From Bluff Hill Napier to Cape Kidnappers, Take the Trycycle Mouline Tractor drawn trailers along the Beach to view the Gannets if they still run.
3 Goose Bay on the Kaikoura Coastal Hwy between Oaro and the Kahautara Bridge. Has a 70Kms restriction on it these days as many distractions including seeing Whales Spout at times. Surprising how little of our coast has such proximity to a highway.
4 Birdlings Flat beach.Largely formed by the northward drift of shingle from the Rakaia Mouth, 200 years ago Lake Forsyth, Te Wairewa, was open to the sea with schooners able to access Kinloch. Very good pickings for rock hounds with a good range of agates. The settlement is adjacent to the Little River Rail Trail.
5 Swing Bridge over the Buller River.

The demise of the UK

For weeks now, the Guardian's been publishing stories about Pussy Riot, members of which were charged with "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" for shouting anti-govt slogans in a cathedral.  This "crime" carries a penalty of up to seven years jail.  Most readers (well, all except the right-wing Russian ones) agreed this was a sad reflection on Russian authoritarianism.

This morning, the Guardian publishes, without comment, "Man arrested following racist tweets aimed at Carlton Cole," in which a man has been charged with "racially aggravated public disorder" for sending a tweet the authorities didn't like.  This "crime" carries a penalty of up two years jail and/or a fine.  This sad reflection on British authoritarianism is unlikely to get the same coverage as Pussy Riot, based on previous examples.

The above might seem irrelevant to NZ, but both Labour and National have people in Parliament who'd be interested in enacting similar laws here.  Keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Lesson For Northen Maori.....

....... from Northern territory Aboriginals who, by a landslide yesterday, broke the shackles of forty years' welfare dependency and voted in Liberal National MPs.

Northern Territory Votes

Paul Henderson


Predicted 9 
Terry Mills


Predicted 15 
State of the Parties
66.7% counted.
Updated Sat Aug 25 10:30 PM
Party % Vote Swing Won Predict
Labor 36.7 -6.5
8 9
Country Liberal 50.7 +5.3
14 15
Greens 3.1 -1.2
0 0
First Nations 2.1 +2.1
0 0
Others 7.4 +0.3
1 1
13 seats required for victory.

You can hear the wailing and screaming from the left and all the faux honky Abos who can see their tax funded gravy trains disappearing.  It seems the real Aborigines have worked out that they've been 'had' by Labor and that work and incomes are better than dole and booze.

How long will it take for their dumbarse Hori counterparts to catch on?


Let us be very clear.   Filmmaker Barbara Sumner-Burstyn has every right to 'dish' one of our three dead Kiwi soldiers when she said ..... "Oh, so fallen soldier Jacinda Baker liked boxing and baking - did they forget she also liked invading countries we are not at war with, killing innocent people and had no moral compass".

It is a right gifted her by members of the military prepared to put their lives on the line defending the ability of people like Ms Sumner-Burstyn to say what they think.

No matter she is wrong; no matter that she was disrespectful to the dead; no matter that her remarks were tasteless; no matter that Lance Corporal Baker was a medic; no matter about the pain those remarks caused to her grieving family; no matter her remarks were inflammatory; no matter that the cowardly attack was made from outside New Zealand; no matter that she is clearly one of those sad people whose blind prejudices against our involvement in Afghanistan cause them to attack the military as easy targets when in fact they should be directing her anger against the successive governments who sent them there.

Ms Sumner-Burstyn deserves all the odium she has received over her outburst although I suspect for her it is likely to be 'water off a ducks back' being the effete precious person she clearly is.   

The 'left' side of the political divide is welcome to her.

The mark of a true Hero

Rest in peace Neil Armstrong

Know Your Country Sunday 26th August

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sixth Most Interesting Person In The Room

For those who study the mindsets and habits or arseholes, here's the latest piece of scientific observation.

“It is very rare I come to an event where I’m like the fifth or sixth most interesting person. Usually the folks want to take a picture with me, sit next to me, talk to me.

Yes, you've guessed.  The JackAss from the White House.  And yes they would, if they thought they were going to shortly receive the odd half a billion in loan guarantees or other such 'stimulus.'

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brainless Headline Of The Day

Fallen soldiers welcomed home with rousing haka

Really?  Were they aroused?

Cloud Cuckoo Land Justice.

Ein gesetz, eine laute.

Last week it was a skinny white kid given apparently much kinder treatment in Hawkes Bay Court after an horrific attack on his toddler as he needed to continue his apprentice-ship studies, something a gaol term could interfere with.

Today we learn  of the extensive travels of a convicted Finance Company Director to Europe for his daughter's TWO weddings either side of the Channel.

Stiegrad obtained Bail after 7 weeks of his 9 months Home Detention in part due to his "wife's inability to travel to New Zealand from their Sydney Home" for "Health reasons" in order to be able to be closer to him serving his HD
Apparently she is now much better as she has 'managed' to get herself to Europe for the nuptials.
That makes me feel much better, not

Do the muppets in Justice and Courts think they are that different in their cloistered little rorting cesspit.
I note Steigrad has apparently offered $350k in reparations, that will be a great comfort to those who had their retirement funds savaged.

I accept that there needs to be independance and flexibility but hang on how about adding some realistic degree of accountability to the mix.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dwarfs, Schizophrenics and Mentally Disabled

That's Obama's Justice Department, the most complex lunatic asylum in the United States.

This DOJ policy does not merely involve prohibitions against discrimination, but rather the documents reveal deliberate recruitment efforts to hire as attorneys and staff for the Department of Justice people suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities.  Moreover, applicants can “self-identify” their disability by means of the “Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability.”

When weirdos run the most powerful (not for long if they don't get chucked out) country in the world, you can hear the chuckles from Moscow, Tehran, Islamabad, Pyongyang and Caracas.


Be very very clear.   I think a great service would have been done to mankind if  Stewart Murray Wilson had been strangled at birth.   I will certainly shed no tears when he departs this earth and has to meet his maker.

But I do have an issue with how he is being portrayed in the media.   On most occasions this is the photograph you see .... 

Look at him there and you would certainly think of him as in the prime of health and a real danger to society.

Contrast this with a recent picture ....

Now he comes across as a dirty, pathetic old man.      Sure, still capable of molesting (perhaps) and that is why the parole restrictions are so tight and sure, NIMBY rules supreme (and I can understand that).

But I suspect SMW will have so many eyes watching him that if he burps or farts within sight or sound of normal people it will get reported.   

Stewart Murray Wilson may be 'out' shortly but I  have a feeling this dirty old man will soon  be wishing he were back 'in'.


Danny Watson is droning in the background competing with the ever present tinitus,  a comment from a caller leapt out.

Topic is domestic violence in relation to a youth of African extraction who on being refused permission to watch TV in a late afternoon timeslot stabbed  his father in the neck during a "meltdown".

A caller relating a situation during his upbringing that had a similar level of violence made the rather provocative claim that culture was a part of his scenario as "HIS FATHER WAS IRISH but he,  the caller was MAORI".

Now yes the father may have been 100% Irish extraction, but on the evidence presented the child was only a PART MAORI, surely with at least half his blood Irish and  no chance the other half could even remotely be even 50% Maori.

I have my own take on 'part breeds' from years of beef and sheep farming allied to a lifetime around canines where harnessing hybrid vigor can be  beneficial but occasionally can go very wrong, The American Pitbull being a classic  but imho that young man would be better to reconcile his heritage and culture to include a basic understanding of the mix in his makeup.

He is, was and never will be  a freekin MAORI.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This post may not endear me to some and so be it.    I am becoming increasing uncomfortable with the way politicians or all persuasions are associating themselves with military funerals both here and in Australia.  

Some of the debate around this has become quite vicious.   This does not honour the dead.    I prefer the more considered approach evident in this post from a soldier who has lost four of his friends serving in Afghanistan.   You can see it here

Perhaps the desire of politicians to be involved is a reaction to the lack of honour afforded those killed in the Vietnam conflict and a realisation that was wrong.   I guess I can emphasize with that.    Back then those interments were essentially a private matter limited to family and friends with the military providing a firing party.     Eight out of the 37 were not even returned to New Zealand.   They lie in graves in Malaysia (Terendak) or Singapore (Ulu Pandan).

Yes, it is right and proper that those who make the ultimate sacrifice should be honoured by their country.  They were sent into combat by their duly elected government.

But in view of the fact that, to some degree, the funeral services have become politicised I wonder whether it might be better for there to be two services ... the actual interment limited to the family and the services (being the extended military family) and a second service of remembrance some time later where our politicians and the public can pay their respects.

Whatever the decision the wishes of the immediate family should be paramount.

Reasoned contributions welcomed.    If you can't oblige don't bother.

Makes Me Ashamed To Be A Northlander

The egregious gutter rag The Herald is running a sob story about what appears to be a pair of lazy slobs, squatting in a state house,  who expect the rest of New Zealand to feed them, clothe them, supply them with a house, keep it repaired and provide enough money for booze, smokes and a bit of weed.

Judging by the look of this 'family' it is likely they are all unemployable and accordingly I'm left wondering what the total 'income' of the family might be where three adults each bring in the unemployment or sickness benefit while Mum qualified for a state house big enough to accommodate the whole mob.

Methinks it's time for Paula Bennett to release some more information - just to make sure the full story is told, not just the half story the Herald wants to use to bash the Government..

N Z Labour Party Still Hypocritical Nearly 100 Years On

For starters I also mourn;
 Cpl Tamatea,
 L/Cpl Baker,
 Pvt Harris.
Your names are sadly added to our Roll Of Honour, RIP.

One, Phillip Bruce Goff is added to the walk of shame.

96 Years ago in the middle of "The War To End All Wars", the NZLP was conceived and born of a mash of socialist and comunist, largely union based,  entities.
Just as confetti accompanies a wedding a veritable cloud of white feathers showered that birth.
A very strong conscientious objector element sought recognition at the birth, employing a slogan "no conscription of men until conscription of wealth".  Five of those founders were convicted of 'sedition' over the matter, P Webb, R Semple, James O'Brien, Tim Armstrong and the second NZ LP Prime Minister Peter Frazer.

Oh the irony when 20 years after that War ended, a reedy voiced ex Australian, now PM of NZ  in the 1st Labour Government, with a very jingoistic speech, committed NZ troops to WW2 within hours of the Polish Ultimatum expiring. Savage's Cabinet included then or later, all of the five "conchies" who then set about "conscripting" men to fight "their War".

Travel forward another 25 years and at the forefront of the anti Vietnam War protesters were, among a plethora of socialists,  Helen Elizabeth Clark and Phillip Bruce Goff. Move the clock forward to 2003 and guess who embroils our proud Defense Forces in the intractable Hell that is Afghanistan, none other than the two fervent anti war agitators themselves.

Yesterday, an artists impression of a weasel peering through a gorse fence, has an epiphany and wants the troops he committed, brought home, something the present PM has already committed to achieving.

At this very sad time we acknowledge deaths of soldiers falling in the combat zone as individuals, that is reality 2012, sheesh how many fell in single days in the traumatic days of wars gone by and all families received then was a dreaded "telegram" days or weeks later and later still a gravesite where they fell as a bonus if identifiable remains could be recovered.

Mr Goff, the old adage returns "it is better to remain silent and be thought stupid, than speak and remove any doubt".

The more things change, the more they stay the same

My apologies and sympathies to the families of the slain for posting this now but it seems important to me and I beg forgiveness for any offence.


Republican Science

This "legitimate rape" story is awesome on a number of levels.

First, the term "legitimate rape," ie being grabbed and beaten by a stranger, as opposed to merely being forced by a guy with a legitimate claim to your snatch because he bought you dinner or whatever.  This is Republican Man in the real, living flesh - you can see him in Kiwiblog's comments threads any day of the week.

Second, the opportunity for collateral damage to VP candidate Ryan.  Romney and Ryan don't want to be tarred with this "Republican Man" brush, but Ryan's a fan of legislating for the rape of abortion-seeking women using an ultrasound wand - he hasn't a shit's show of avoiding being tainted by this.

Third, Republican Science in all its glory.  You don't get pregnant from rape, because... er, women's stuff.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Under The Radar

Am most interesting and sobering reminder, from a sane Democrat senator, that all is not as well in the world as we might think.  There is no such thing as a 'benign strategic environment.'

For all practical purposes China has unilaterally decided to annex an area that extends eastward from the East Asian mainland as far as the Philippines, and nearly as far south as the Strait of Malacca. China's new "prefecture" is nearly twice as large as the combined land masses of Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. Its "legislators" will directly report to the central government. 

Watch this space:-


Newsweek appears to be cottoning on to the fake flake in the White House. 

He knows he's got trouble when the usually friendly media start to mock him.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact he won't give press conferences or do interviews of late?  Can't risk having someone ask a question which requires an intelligent answer.

Remember that great old hit song from Ray Charles?

Hit the road,B'rack
And don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road B'rack
And don't you come back no moooooooore.
The word's out that they are doing a piece based on the Left Banke hit 'Just Walk Away, Rene' for their November issue.

Just walk away, Renee
You won't see me follow you back home.

Being an out of work community organiser is going to be mighty lonely.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not Only A Liar, A Crook As Well

Remember this story?   The one that had legs?

Well, they are off now at a good canter.

A retired partner from the law firm in question has set the cat among the pigeons......
Nick Styant-Browne, a former equity partner of the firm, broke a 17-year silence yesterday to reveal that the firm’s probe included a confidential formal interview with the Prime Minister - then an industrial lawyer - on September 11, 1995, which was “recorded and transcribed”.
In the interview, Ms Gillard stated that she could not categorically rule out that she had personally benefited from union funds in the renovation of her Melbourne house, according to Mr Styant-Browne.

...... and it can now only be a short time before the little red wood pecker goes down.


Hone Harawira has clearly lost his marbles or worse by aligning himself with the Black Power and Mongrel Mob and opposing legislation now before the House which would see them disbarred from accessing Government services while wearing their patches.

Mr Harawira knows or should know those patches are there to intimidate.   Mr Harawira knows or should know that being 'patched' almost certainly requires the person involved to have committed a crime to prove his/her worth. Mr Harawira knows or should know that the Black Power and the Mongrel Mob are heavily into organised crime including the methamphetamine ‘industry’ which has and is wrecking havoc with so many lives, Maori and non-Maori alike. Mr Harawira knows or should know that the Black Power and Mongrel Mob operate outside societal norms and are a disgrace to Maoridom.

So just why Mr Harawira chooses to view these two criminal organisations through brown tinted rose coloured spectacles has me beat. Why he should want to associate any 'mana' that he has with them has me beat.      Perhaps it’s his way of giving yet again the one figured salute to the rest of New Zealand.

The good people of Te Tai Tokerau deserve much better than this ... sad, sad, sad.

p.s.   Question .... someone (perhaps Judge) will know which Party has been given and accepted Harawira's proxy vote in the House given that he seems to be MIA from the debating chamber an awful lot.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stealing The Credit - Updated

A couple of weeks ago, somebody predicted the Obama campaign would attempt to steal the credit for the positive economic performance of states where Republican administrations have balanced their budgets and told the parasitic government employees' unions to go to hell.

Right on cue, here is today's Washington Post's attempt to spin you a yarn.

First, the headline:-

In swing states, economic picture a little brighter for Obama

Then, the text:-

In seven of those 12 states — Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin — the unemployment rate is below the June national average of 8.2 percent. In some, it is considerably less than the national average; the June rates in New Hampshire, Iowa and Virginia were below 6 percent. Even in Ohio, a state hit hard by the collapse of the manufacturing sector, the unemployment rate is a full percentage point below the U.S. average.

The only small problem the WaPo and the JackAss have, is six of the seven virtuous states have had Replublican governors for two years.


Someone has taken the trouble to do the numbers.

 It turns out that the population-weighted average unemployment rate in states with Republican governors is 7.6 percent. The number for states with Democratic governors in 8.8. In other words, blue America (defined in terms of governors) has a higher unemployment rate than red America.

Unemployment in states governed by Republicans averages 7.6%  
Unemployment in states governed by Democrats averages 8.8%  

As They Plumb New`Depths....

....the Democratic Party produces its own version of The Three Stooges.

"Curly" the Bullshitter

"Larry" the Liar,

and "Moe" the Fool.

In today's developments, as a sign of loyalty to his hard working Fool, the Bullshitter sounded out Hillary Clinton about stepping into the VP role - IMMEDIATELY!   She had the jolly good sense to decline, on the grounds that (a) if he won she would not want to be tainted for a shot at 2016 by his extremist policies and (b) if he lost she did not want to associated with a loser.

Wonderful stuff.  Just wonderful stuff.  Can't wait for the movie.


Just thought you might want to know that.

(Sneering comments deleted).


The Labour Party have shown themselves yet again to be slow learners in their disparaging of Northland by confirming they are going to scrap the Puhoi to Wellsford Motorway extension (statement by Labour’s Finance Spokesman, David Parker, in Parliament on 15 August).

Their continuing labelling of the extension as the ‘Holiday Highway’ is a studied insult to all Northlanders when we know it is our ‘Economic Highway’ to the future. Clearly Labour hasn’t figured out that their promoting the scrapping during the election campaign contributed to the defeat of Kelvin Davis, one of their better performers, by the odious and no-hoper Hone Harawira and no matter too they have clearly decided the three Northland seats are unwinnable and they can afford to consign 158,000 Northlanders to the economic scrapheap in order to free up money to promote more brilliant initiatives like their ‘homeopathy for pet’ courses that featured last time they got their paws on the Treasury benches.

I guess we should sorry for whoever Labour selects as cannon fodder to contest The Northland and Whangarei seats. They will go into the fray with a huge millstone hanging round their necks. As for Te Tai Tokerau .... the only thing I ever agreed with Mike Moore about when (talking about elections) he said “the people are right even when they’re wrong”. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Well Balanced Diet

A kilo of ribeye steak on the one hand

and a kilo of Stilton cheese on the other.

and just to double check the balance

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great news for Labour

Said news being that the law requiring cabinet ministers to respect people's privacy is apparently a matter of opinion.

This means that under the next Labour govt, anyone wanting to bleat about tax rates can expect to have their last few years' tax returns made public, "in order to provide ... information relevant to the public debate."  Should be a laff riot.

Must be a prick for Judith Collins though - next time she gets up in front of ACC staff to tell them the importance of respecting their clients' privacy, who among those present will be able to restrain themselves from laughing in her face?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doppelgangers, Anyone?

This guy looks just like a certain former political fellow well known to Adolf. One of the Good Guys.

The resemblance is remarkable.

 I wonder if Paul Ryan runs triathlons?


It is always a little risky commenting on another countries internal politics but as I trained there and have close family links there ... what the hell, here goes.

There is no doubt that the Gillard Government has been slam dunked by the  Housten Report which leaves their immigration policy in tatters.   You can argue the toss whether it is a 80/20 or a 70/30 win to the coalition but there is no doubt the recommended reinstatement of offshore processing in Nauru and Manus Island and the shelving of Labor's much trumpeted 'Malaysia' solution represents a body blow against Gillard and the ALP.

They have been left with egg on their face and blood on their hands as their effective 'open door' policy encouraged people-smugglers to make a 'killing' (and they did) playing with the lives of the vulnerable.

The almost indecent haste with which the Labor caucus signed up to the report is proof positive that they realised they had no place to go, no place to hide.    The overturning of their immigration policy is a political debacle of the first order.

As for the Greens and the so called Independents .... all pretty irrelevant now in the great scheme of things.

Cynical, Dam Right.

On the eve of the Olympics 2012 I posted, more than a little 'tongue in cheek' on the Quadrennial Chemists convention about to start.

It is now clear that those of us who, employing the walks like, talks like, looks like analysis system, were accurate in thinking Optachuk was not all she (?) claimed to be.
Last night the IOC confirmed our disbelief.
In the meantime Valerie Adams was denied the obvious and very meaningful thrill of standing on the dias and watching her flag rise to the strains of our National Anthem. Thanks be she had that very special thrill at Beijing 4 years ago.

Jamaica a country that has less than 3 million people made up of various ethnic races, produced the 3 medal winners in a sprint and won the 4x100 meters relay in a time that shattered the world record.
While  a familial and therefore genetic connection  between two of the medalists in the mens marathon with the same name but representing neighboring states, possibly brought about by boundary decisions at the end of colonialism, was suggested, it may have been no more than something as simple as shared surnames as in Smith.
I have a background in animal breeding and genetics and a small understanding of human behavior. There must be a tremendous bond of National affiliation for those men to be Jamaicans or is there a more sinister connection.  Considerable pressure to transfer allegiance to another Nation? or is there a special advantage in remaining connected to the Jamaican team? Maybe it's a very talented physio or dietitian.

Russia has long beeen a force in world sports, particularly the Olympics.
As the  "Medal Table" unfolds, using whatever measure apart from per capita calculations, the media have been focused on China vs USA. Add up the totals for Russia and the States that have created a National identity from the breakup of the USSR, it leaves the other two in second and third.
It does however, have a big plus in that many more athletes are enabled to contest the olympics by having a state such as Moldova as an option.

The Olympics would be more meaningful for me if selection and qualifying criteria were not so clumsy in preventing top athletes and teams who regard National representation as paramount, from competing.

Some random thoughts but my cynicism remains and that is regrettable.

Of course the croked chook is now denying any wrong doing, that was predictable also. It will be something she ate while out of sight in the backblocks, preparing.

Now here's a question for you

Something to ask yourself, from a comment on a thread about gay marriage over at The Lady Garden:

Aren’t you confusing “pansexual” with “genderqueer”?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ostapchuk medal stripped.

Valerie Adams promoted to gold after the Belorous "person" fails drug test.

A Telling Line

From Mitt Romney's address to a rally in Wisconsin:-

".......... Mr. President, take your campaign out of the gutter,........"

Now where did I hear something very much like that?  Oh yes,a few years ago near some old wall in Berlin, if I remember rightly.

You can tell when the bad guys are worried by the increase in the intensity and shrillness of their screeching about Mr Romney.  His pick for VP has got them shitting bricks and it shows.

From The American Thinker:-

"......Let me remind you how nightmarish Ryan is to Obama. Here's a six-minute take down of Obamacare by Congressman Ryan.  Watch the vacant look in Obama's eyes as it becomes clear he has no idea how to respond to the facts Ryan raises, to the math which demonstrates the utter unsustainability of Obama's legislative scheme.

And then observe how that look in Obama's eyes turns to rage.


Of all the potential VP candidates, Ryan is the one they fear.  Last time he came up against Obama face to face on television he shredded the president.  God knows what he will do to the fool Biden.

Quiz Answers

Simon delivered a TKO in the first round and that seemed to be it till Allan tidied up the Tongariro scene by correctly naming the lakes.
Chris brought a scary tale of just how high the Buller can get.
So Bragging rights to Simon and thanks to the nearly 60 who visited the page.
1 John Urquart "Jack" Cropp who is our oldest living Olympic medal winner.
With skipper Peter G Mander won the 12 meter "Sharpie" class at the 1956 Olympics. Their boat "Jest" and a sister boat Quest were built by them at Manders yard from NZ native timbers , mainly Kauri, and they were a little green in that they failed to carry a "protest" flag in the regatta.
Mander died in the late 1990s but Jack still loves yachting and lives in the Nelson area. There is a book in the saga yet to be written, Mander had to form an acceptable entity for New Zealand Yachting to enable their entry to be accepted by the IOC and then to go on and win our first sailing medal. Jack Cropp has been very instrumental in growing the sport of sailing, particularly with youth.
2 The Emerald Lakes on the "Tongariro Crossing", a great walk but watch the weather, at a very altitude on the Central Plateau it can kill very quickly and sometimes does.
3 The Buller River near Murchison where the valley widens between the Upper and Lower Gorges.
4 Historic pic of Hawks Crag where the road was cut as an open sided 'tunnel' through a sheer bluff in  the Lower Buller Gorge.
5 Wainui Beach just north of Gisborne.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympics predictions


Not a bad stab at it - I'll take Adolf's title of Chief Predictor at this rate.

Swimming - no medals and Lauren Boyle did very well.

Rowing - a stack of medals, as predicted.

Equestrian - we just snuck home; I was a little out there.

Canoeing - I said one medal, possibly Gold, and indeed that's what happened.

Track & Field - I said two medals, but we got only one medal to Adams.  Farquhar just missed out on the top 8 and the Willis had one of those days.

Cycling - BMX, Track and Road - yep, Walker got Silver.  I missed out Linda Vilhelmsen who performed superbly to come fourth and the surprise was Van Velthoven - 2 medals as predicted.

Sailing - I predicted 2 medals and that was the correct one.

Triathlon - I thought we'd pick up a medal here, but sadly not.  The races were not run to our liking.

Hockey - as I predicted, close but no cigar for the ladies
 I predicted an overall medal tally of 12 medals, including 4 Golds.  We got 13, including 5 Gold.

My next sporting prediction?  The winner of the mens marathon to be run overnight is going to be a skinny black man.

I'll have a little stab at predicting how we'll go at the Olympics which kick off tonight.


I doubt we'll medal.  The dark horse could be one of the relay teams, and I expect Lauren Boyle to do well.  There could be plenty of PBs, but the competition is so tough and we don't have a Burmester or a Loader to pull one out of the bag.  Prediction: no medals.


Stacks of medals.  The mens pair should win, and Mahe Drysdale should easily medal.  Some of the other crews will undoubtedly come close, including the womens pair.  Prediction: 4 medals.


The venue and other factors should suit us.  Most of our team has performed here for years.  An individual medal is a possibility as is a team medal.  Prediction: we'll just miss out.


Lisa Carrington is the world champion, and seems to be a super athlete.  Ben Fouhy seems to have put his demons behind him and has the ability to pe on the podium, as do Steven Ferguson and Darryl Fitzgerald. Prediction: one medal, possibly Gold.

Track & Field

We should have a good meet.  Valerie Adams is a hot shot for Gold.  Nick Willis is a definite medal chance.  The dark horses could be Kimberley Smith and javelin thrower, Stuart Farquhar.  Prediction: 2 medals and a top five for Farquhar.

Cycling - BMX, Track and Road

Sarah Walker had a disappointing Beijing Olympics and should medal int he BMX.  Greg Henderson and Jack Bauer should perform well in the road race, but a medal would be a huge shock.  On the track, we should do very well.  Jo Kiesanowski and Alison Shanks are probably the most likely females; and some men could go very close too.  Prediction: 2 medals.


No idea really.  Jon-Paul Tobin is maybe our bext chance in the boardsail.  Prediction: 2 medals.


This is something I know a lot about.  Realistically, the mens race is going to be very tough.  The Brownlee brothers are almost looking unbeatable.  It could be an England 1, 2.  Then there are others such as Stefan Justus, Richard Murray from South Africa and Javier Gomez, who missed out in Beijing.  Bevan Docherty is our best chance because he is smart and tough.  Much will depend on how the race is run.  Team tactics will be very important.  Prediction: no medals but possibly 2 in top 10.  That could be a combination of any of our three athletes (Docherty, Gemmell & Sissons) - they are all that good.

The women's race is similar.  Nicola Spirig is looking unbeatable if it goes down to a sprint, which is looking very likely as many ITU races have finished that way this year.  Andrew Hewitt can race with the best of them, but Helen Jenkins from England will be spurred on by the home crowd.  Then there is Emma Moffatt and Erin Densham from Australia.  But we have a good team. No, a very good team.  Kate McIlroy is in some great form with an 8th place in a sprint race last week.  And Nicky Samuels can swim & bike with the best in the world.  I expect Hewitt to be in the top 5 with a kilometre or so to go on the run.  From there, anything can happen.  McIlroy and/or Samuels could also be there.  Prediction: one medal.


Close, but no cigar for both teams.
Overall medal tally: 12 medals, including 4 Golds.    

Stop embarrassing yourself Shag.

The SBW saga takes center-stage again just when most considered it was all over.

In an era when preparation, mental strength, avoiding distraction and focus are buzwords around top level sport, Hansen, Foster, McLean, Shand and co are playing chicken one week out from the first game in the inaugural Rugby Championship in Sydney next weekend.

One Midfield back from last year, Williams SB is still trying to get a release from his new Japanese Club.
Have you thought  the Club might not want to risk their massive investment.

Whatever the outcome of that fawning, The NZRU has had a long standing committment to players displaying a matching committment to domestic rugby.
In an embarrassingly rollover and beg  pursuit of Williams in the light of an injury to Conrad Smith the present coaching/management employees are  tossing the previous protocol to the discard pile.

What does that say to all the players who have pledged their allegiance to the local structure. Tamati Ellison, Horrell, Crotty and co are being told they don't cut the mustard. Maybe they are below the standard you think SBW offers  but from years end they are it.

Williams has given NZRU the finger why dont you give it right back.
If you want to take us to the next RWC stop being a prat and take some positions that develop the future. Ali Williams  and yes even McCaw and Possibly Carter are not that future. Though they have signed as part of building that future, Williams S B has only indicated he "might"  front up in four years time for a bit more glory.

That is not the game  you are being paid to deliver Shag.

Know Your Country Sunday 12th August


Amid all the brouhaha over the Labour Party leadership (or lack thereof) and who is doing what to whom and how (ask Mallard) it seems no-one has picked up on what to me is the obvious question.

David Cunliffe, the man apparently everyone loves to hate, has been disporting himself overseas on an extended vacation for the past four weeks.   That included the last two weeks of the July-August Parliamentary session.  

Since when have so called senior politicians taken time off from the business of parliament to go on holiday or is this taking the misappropriation of half a million dollars plus by Labour to fund their election campaign to a new level?      

More ammunition for the Labour Party ABC's but then again, Shearer would have signed-off on the AWOL .... or perhaps not.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It All Looks Good To Me

That is the message from David Shearer (who)(what) (where) in the first edition of a proposed weekly email communication designed to keep him in touch with his supporters.

The Standard has given it promotion with a clanging or should that be a tolling of publicity. Unfortunately the comments do not quite echo the same level of enthusiasm.

Around 800 words of nothing more than the sort of tripe a first semester student studying socialism 101 might be able to assemble at end of term1.
Appears to have been compiled by an intern fresh out of year 12.
A regurgitation of inane slogan based drivel covering education, roads, the magnificent 4 Davids that his PR Jock had to name to be certain of identifying them and closes with a fervent hope that next week will be better
 Wouldn't want it to be worse.
 Rouge Morgan came along in the nick of time.

No mention of the magma bubling up in the vent of the Party courtesy of  Red Tie Garner.
Not a word on a possible need for senior party figures to look up 'loyalty', 'teamwork' and 'discretion' in their dictionary and get in behind the Party.
Nothing more to justify his both feet in his mouth comment on the sick bastard who has a disability preventing a sedentary job, is alleged to be intellectually ill-equiped for clerical work, has a heart condition and is over 60 years old.

I wonder what little gems the next exciting episode from  Dr David will contain?
The tank is empty.

Thank-you to the Standard for publishing the 1st epistle of David to the Philistines as I am not on the mailing list.

Free Is so Often Overused.

Farrar posts at on the reluctance of some elected local bodies to install water meters.

Banks Peninsula Dist Council installed them in Akaroa, just prior to amalgamation with CHCH City, against a background of acute demand supply problems, particularly when holidays swell the consumer base from under 1000 to in excess of  10 000 souls.

Many residents were seriously concerned with possible financial burdens that have not happened, yet.
However, the big plus - meters allowed discovery of waste through leakage and overuse that could be controlled from addressing problems revealed.  More importantly, they improved awareness of water use or, all to often, misuse.

In measuring water use, the salient fact of the cost of delivery and disposal - really  the only cost, particularly for a geographically advantaged region such as Canterbury - becomes apparent and therefore can be measured with a degree of fairness in sharing the cost.

Farrar points out the inherent unfairness of the fixed charge system or general rate option, where a single pensioner with a limited garden, no vehicles, and very low domestic water use,  pays the same fixed charge as a large household with considerable varied water use and in all probability a much more wasteful attitude.

Nothing is free in spite of the constant claims to the contrary.

Water is becoming increasingly expensive due to quality and quantity demands but sadly with the voracious appetite of local authorities for cash,  they see an opportunity to tap into water rates as a convenient option, ignoring cost and a seeking to maximise another income stream.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Drama At Sea - Helicopter Circled By Sharks

Only in Australia could such an incident occur but only in New Zealand could it be so misreported.

Three missing fisherman have been dramatically rescued off the coast of Western Australia, after one of them was found by a Seven Network news helicopter being circled by sharks. 

Fairfax continues to employ NCEA failures.

Uh, duh-uh

The Dom Post reports that a "long-awaited" council safety review has concluded that the reason pedestrians are being killed or injured when they step out into the street in the path of a moving bus is that pedestrians are stepping out into the street without looking to see if a bus is busy using it at the time. 

See, it is possible to figure out the root cause of these kinds of complex and apparently unfathomable safety problems, if only the authorities are willing to put sufficient time and money into analysing those causes.  At this rate, one day we may even be able to figure out what causes people to be hit by trains...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Question Number One.......

........ is to the Minister for welfare fraudsters and asks:

"What reports has she seen concerning benefit fraud?"

She replies:

Mr Speaker, I have seen a report of a speech by the Honorable Leader of the Opposition in which he stated before the last election he was shown a gentleman repairing the roof of his house while in receipt of a sickness benefit.   I have checked with my officials and they report having received no information from Mr Shearer concerning this incident.  Mr Speaker I think this tells us what Labour really thinks about benefit fraud but I say to the Opposition Leader - It's Not OK.

Political Animals

Large White


 Lame Duck

Quarter Horse

Rhode Island Red

 Black Arsed JackAss


 Young Red Buck

Pink & Grey Galah 

 White Cocky

 Dog Tucker