Thursday, July 19, 2012


The media reaction to the news the Willie Apiata is to quit the Regular Force (but not the Army) was just a tad over the top.    Those selected for service with the SAS do so for a variety of reasons but very few do it in the expectation their time will be limited to peace-time soldiering.

All of us who have served overseas in operational deployments have experienced a certain let-down on RTNZ none, I suspect, more so then members of the SAS with their exposure to high intensity operations.  

Some will opt to leave to take advantage of the lucrative contracts on offer in the private sector.   I note for example that today a United States based firm is advertising for Embassy Security Force personnel at a tax free salary of NZ$136,000 working a nine week on, three week off rotation (with all airfares paid).      Compare that with the $51,800 to $58,400 that a Corporal in the SAS would be earning.    The New Zealand Defence Force can never match that.  

Others will just want to take a break from full-on soldiering.

I thank Willie Apiata for his ongoing service.  I suspect that if/when the SAS are again deployed into an operational theatre Willie will be first in line seeking to transfer back into the Regular Force.

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Richard said...

But just look at what Gower has to say
It would be nice to take him on an SAS familiarisation course just for 24 hrs, that's all -Tosser