Monday, July 16, 2012

The Tiresome Herald

So much for the loudly trumpeted focus on 'investigative reporting' at the New Auck Times, paper of discord.

Road consultants paid 'eye-watering' $200m

Information released to Radio New Zealand under the Official Information Act shows $216 million has been spent on investigation and design work on the Puhoi to Wellsford highway, Auckland's western ring, the Waikato expressway, Wellington's northern corridor and Christchurch motorways.
Of this, $200 million was paid to consultants, with $92 million for work on Wellington's northern corridor.
One can easily picture the slovenly reporter, stealing the story from Radio NZ so its already second hand, then phoning Labour's Phil Twyford to offer him a free hit.

Aaaaaaaha well.  That's the day's work done.  Now, back to Trademe and surfing the net.

He or she didn't even have the wit to ask how much was paid to 'Taniwha' conultants.

By the way, did you notice that this vitally important investigative work is done commonly by private companies worldwide?   Of course it is.  You wouldn't want the accuracy of Treasury figures attached to engineering analysis, would you?


jabba said...

Phil Twyford @PhilTwyford replied to you:

PhilTwyford Phil Twyford
@jabbawaiuku If you are waiting for the holiday highway you're going to be waiting an awful long time.
Jul 11, 10:20 PM via Twitter for iPad
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@PhilTwyford can't wait for the "holiday highway" to be finished .. good to hear Labour will fix all the neglected roads though, go Phil

Ross said...

Phil Twyford in making the pronouncements he has on this subject has shown himself to be an idiot of the highest order, which in itself is an achievement.

How does he think roads get designed, planned, and supervised during construction. Maybe it is one of those magic faries at the bottom of the garden?

There is a current and growing international shortage of civil engineers in the Western world, we are losing experienced civil engineers by the day to Australia where the salaries can be almost double here, and Phil wants to start a witch hunt of the costs of engineering services for road construction.

News flash Phil, if you are not too stupid to understand supply and demand - the price of Engineering iservices is only going to go up, or else ultimately there will be no one here to design, build. manage and maintain roads and other important stuff.