Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This story Has Legs And It's Running

A few years ago a 'young and naive' thirty five year old red headed female partner in a major law firm specialising in trade union business handled the settlement of a Fitzroy house purchase in the name of the union official with whom she was sharing reproductive fluids at the time.

The funds for the house purchase came from what appeared to be a union account (of which the union itself had no knowledge) but the law firm partner did not think to ask why the title was not to be registered in the union's name..

The house has long since been on-sold but there is no evidence of any sale proceeds reverting to the union.  It appears some half a million or more dollars were paid into the bogus union account by Theiss Construction in a legitimate transfer of state government grants for 'training.'  Theiss thought it was paying the real union.

There were many large cheques drawn for cash and at about this time the 'young and naive' law firm partner had her own house in Collingwood renovated.  It is widely suspected the renovations were paid for by her then stud, using cash from the bogus union account.

Some months ago an intrepid reported from a Sydney radio station got onto the story and gave it a run.  The reaction of the Prime Minister's department was apoplectic and within a short time the reporter had been sacked.  No journalist has since dared attempt to run the story.  The PM's excuse then was that at the time of the suspect transaction she thought nothing was amiss as she was 'young and naive.'  Australia doesn't have Tui Beer (Thank God) but Adolf can feel a 'yeah right' coming on.

Enter the ex Labor Attorney General who was demoted to the back benches by Julia Gillard on account of his open support for Kevin Rudd's failed January leadership bid.  He has lifted the lid and the whole sordid tale is starting to pour out but you'd never know if you got your news from Fairfax publications and/or the ABC.

Keep an eye on this story.  It is the first time I can remember any PM in Australia or NZ being accused of receiving stolen funds and using them for personal gain.


Paulus said...

Cummon - this is Australian Union business - how can it be corrupt ?

Rod Giles said...

25 might be young and naive. 35 isn't.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that there's real political corruption in Australia. It didn't seem fair that big-time political thievery was restricted to other countries, including mine. Welcome to the Third World, Oz.

Deadman said...

For more details, see Kangaroo Court of Australia, Bunyipitude, and my site.