Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There Was Something Missing.

On Mike Hosking Breakfast this morning MH interviewed Ken Shirley who I think is CEO of the road Transport Forum or similar and KS proceeded to dismantle Loony Len's OPM schemes for his re-election as Mayor of Jaffa Land by attacking the poor prioritising and potentially wasteful moves that the great socialist is proposing.

Following the comprehensive attack MH thanked Ken and moved on.
There seemed to be something missing, then I realised there was no denigration of the opinion, by Hosking recalling Shirley's brief stint as a Labour Cabinet Minister while he was a supporter of The Douglas Faction and then his three terms one as Deputy Leader of the ACT party, irrelevant facts from history that most of the Red Media stars would have included as necessary background. Facts that Soper et al  would have made the focus of the interview.

My only hope is that Auckland voters were listening.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Shirley has links to SkyCity. That would explain why Hoskings took it easy on him.

gravedodger said...

Anonymong there was only a single Hosking involved and if you call being factual, focused and fair as going easy you have just confirmed your status as idiot left.

I guess you are another of those who vote for good old Len as you don't have to contribute to his "ponzi" electoral fraud,
only benefit from it.

Anonymous said...

Better option than that crazy liar Banks though eh?

Hosking is no journalist. Real journalists don't take secret backhanders.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


If it's secret, how do you know about it?

Anonymous said...

He got found out, like you do everyday.