Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Then Most of Them Have No Idea.

Dunedin Sth MP and one whose self promotion leaves no doubt as to her own estimation of relevance in Labour 2012, Clare Curran, again demonstrates her complete ignorance in matters Legal and Commercial in the real world.

The bint may have some knowledge around communication in the digital age and social media but it stops right there although she has incurred much disbelief and merriment by her many idiotic mismanagements in those fields.

John Key is investigating the possible repercussions around "plain Packaging" of cigarettes and other tobacco products and for very good reasons.
However attractive the theme appears to the ignorant, it is a veritable minefield with Trade Marks, Branding and the established commercial law to be negotiated with the until now lawful promotion of legal products in a free society and world trading law.

The stupid socialist numpty, coming from her blinkered socialist view of the world, thinks that everything is possible if she believes it , whereas Key understands the very expensive disaster that awaits a government that plunges into the whirlpool of commercial reality with such dumbarse stupidity.

Her description of John Key's caution as Whimping Out, proves my point although an unquestioning fawning media print her inanity anyway so I guess she scores with her fellow ignorants.

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Paulus said...

She should go back to Australia where her real political colours found more favour than in New Zealand.
Remember she wants to "Control the Language" as she told a Labour Party conference in Southland a few years ago.
She always knows best.