Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stealing The Credit - Updated

A couple of weeks ago, somebody predicted the Obama campaign would attempt to steal the credit for the positive economic performance of states where Republican administrations have balanced their budgets and told the parasitic government employees' unions to go to hell.

Right on cue, here is today's Washington Post's attempt to spin you a yarn.

First, the headline:-

In swing states, economic picture a little brighter for Obama

Then, the text:-

In seven of those 12 states — Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin — the unemployment rate is below the June national average of 8.2 percent. In some, it is considerably less than the national average; the June rates in New Hampshire, Iowa and Virginia were below 6 percent. Even in Ohio, a state hit hard by the collapse of the manufacturing sector, the unemployment rate is a full percentage point below the U.S. average.

The only small problem the WaPo and the JackAss have, is six of the seven virtuous states have had Replublican governors for two years.


Someone has taken the trouble to do the numbers.

 It turns out that the population-weighted average unemployment rate in states with Republican governors is 7.6 percent. The number for states with Democratic governors in 8.8. In other words, blue America (defined in terms of governors) has a higher unemployment rate than red America.

Unemployment in states governed by Republicans averages 7.6%  
Unemployment in states governed by Democrats averages 8.8%  


Iron Trike Myson said...

That would be 18 months, not two years, and that's not enough time for them to do any damage. How many took advantage of the stimulus package they all claimed to hate? Keep spinning fella.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

ITM, you poor bastard.

Ohio had unemployment of 6.2% in November 2006 under a Republican Governor who lost to a Democratin that year. Obama hot hisself elected in Nov 2008 and Ohio's unemployment rate rocketed to 10.6% by November 2010.

Bloody good eh? Donc governor and donc pres.

Then the Republicans took over the state in Nov 2010 and, guess what?

Unemployment in May 2012 had returned to 7.3%

Yep, you can do a hell of a lot of damage in two years if you're a Democrat but by hell you can fix a lot of fuck ups in eighteen months if you're a Republican.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

ITM, this is such fun.

I just had a look at the graph for Pennsylvania.

Guess what? It looks the same as Ohio.

Unemployment was low under successive Republican governors. Then along came Democrat Rendell and whammo!

Through the roof by Nov 2010.

Since then, a substantial reduction under the new Republican guy.

Iron Trike Myson said...

Looks like the consequences of the Bush years being remedied by Obama's policies eh? Thanks for clarifying that.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Errr what?

Obama doubles unemployment.

He spent gazzillions with the promise it would reduce unemployment to less that eight percent. Remember?

Instead, unemployment cracked over ten percent.

Try harder, dear boy. Try harder.

Anonymous said...

Obama has to steal the success of Republican governors because he has none himself

Michael in Nelson

Iron Trike Myson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Read the rules. If you come here and accuse your host of telling lie then you can expect to be thrown out.

Unemployment went from five percent to ten percent under your black arsed jack Ass and his vassal governor. Within eighteen months - the only thing thus far you've got right- the Repub governor had it back down to seven.

Don't you just wish you stayed in bed this morning?

T said...

Piss off dickhead. You are a liar, and a slimy coward. You're not worth the effort.

mark said...

Best since Eisenhower though.

Mort said...

Isn't it interesting that those states are also the states which are fraccing the bajesus out of the shale and reaping the benefits.