Monday, July 30, 2012

Sorry Neddy too late now

And 6 years on just plain whinging.

In the aftermath of Cardiff 2007 I was somewhat depressed and bewildered at Mr Barnes efforts but for your theory to have any credibility it required the tacit support of the two on the side, line, the referees manager and the entire committee running that world cup and not one Paki or Curry muncher in sight
Do you seriously expect us to believe it is not just poor form and small mans syndrome manifesting.
Sheesh what does it say in your book about having Aaron Major in the stand wearing his jacket and tie.
I know when swmbo tackled Hansen on that matter at a later q&a social function, his response was all about denigrating the questioner and totally ignoring what seemed to her, a perfectly valid query.

Shut up and be considered stupid etc etc.

OTOH as part of a rehabilitation and another shot at Bills Cup, tactically very astute moves.


Big Bruv said...

"Sheesh what does it say in your book about having Aaron Major in the stand wearing his jacket and tie."

The only thing Ted did wrong re Mauger was picking him in the first place. Mauger is another in the long line of Cantabs who were only selected because they played for the sheep shaggers. Mauger was an embarrassment in the black jersey, his name sits alongside those of Thorne and Blackadder as names of men who were never good enough to play for New Zealand.

Tinman said...

Stick to netball BB, far more your game.

A piss poor coach, one bad refereeing display away from being classed as the worst coach in NZ rugby history - at any level - blames someone else for his very obvious shortcomings.

Nothing of note there at all really.

Big Bruv said...

"The worst coach in NZ rugby history" ?

Don't be silly Tinman. That title belongs to Robbie Deans or Blackadder.

pdm said...

bb - as a Hwakes Bay man I would have loved to have had Aoron Mauger in my team and likewise in All Black teams of the time.

The worst aspect of the 2007 debacle was that Henry did not do the honourable thing and resign.

Big Bruv said...


So you have no problem with a 2nd five who does not tackle?

pdm said...

BB - as I recall Aaron Mauger did not miss too many one on one tackles for the All Blacks. He certainly made more than Nonu and gave away far fewer penalties.

A skilled and astute attacking player who had an ability to put supporting players into gaps.