Friday, July 20, 2012

So Sorry Jim Your Whanau Have a strange view Of RIP.

Some 25 years ago James Takamore left his TuHoe homeland and when his life was ended prematurely by an anuerism 1n 2007,  he was living in Christchurch with Partner Denise Clarke and their family.

Following his sudden death his body was lying at a Marae awaiting burial according to his wishes as his executor and surviving partner planned them to be carried out.

Then a bizarre and undignified series of actions were put in place by his allegedly estranged "whanau" from the Bay Of Plenty.

A van was hired, his casket was removed from the Marae, and under the watchful observation of the constabulary the entourage traveled to his home Marae as decided by his Whanau and James's body was interred in the Urupa there.

Ms Clarke gained a court order that restored her right to carry out the original funeral plans and the required disinterment of the body but it never happened. Apparently that order did not state who was entitled to perform the action or who would be paying.

Her favorable court decision was upheld first in the High Court then the Appeal Court and now the whole sorry saga is awaiting a reserved decision in the Supreme Court.

What a travesty and misuse of our Judicial system.
It has long been accepted by most that the executor has the right to dispose of a deceased person and only in a situation where no will exists can such inappropriate behavior manifest that conceivably would allow the unseemly actions of a group of people with scant regard as to what was understood by those closest  as desired, could be thwarted.
 It has come a a surprise to me and many others that taking James to Tu Hoe as a living being would be  kidnapping but removal of his remains in similar circumstances is not covered in NZ Law.
At the time thoughts of indignity being visited on a deceased persons remains did occur to me.

His sister, Josephine, has publicly stated the members of his Whanau who rode roughshod over any wishes of the deceased, his partner of long standing and their family, will  ignore whatever The Supreme Court Rules, so no surprises there.

Just as the "claim" over water leaves most citizens somewhat bewildered this saga is equally unsettling if not unnerving but tempered by the very real and personal grief being heaped on a family whose tragic untimely loss was grief enough.
 For me it brings further diminishing of any wish to accept the so called tikanga of the people whose ancestors arrived  before mine.

If ever there was a case to support "one law for all" then this charade is a great example.

My sincere regrets that James Takamore's attempts to make his life in 21st century New Zealand can be totally disregarded by a group clinging to 17th century mores, customs and values that we are required to accept, albeit only as oral history.


The Veteran said...

Good and timely post.

Marc said...

Thank you Gravedodger, most of us couldn't have said this better. This is typical of the arrogant, stupid and ignorant hangers-on of what was once a proud and respected race. The sooner we have an opportunity to democratically get rid of the indulgent political crawlers in this country the better. (And I'm talking about racially based parties and policies). In my opinion, the worst and most disgraceful aspect of this whole affair was that our Police stood by and gave tacit approval to what was known to be going on - they could have nipped this in the bud at Picton and taken possession of the casket before it was loaded onto the ferry. Problem and dignity resolved for Mr Takamore and his family.

Paulus said...

The Police did not get Helen Clark's permission to actually do anything - she was at lunch.
Very sad.

Anonymous said...

The plods will not do any thing to help as this would mean upsetting their cussie bros, thiefs and plods stick together