Friday, July 27, 2012

Not quite the same as the Original.

The Quadrennial Chemists competitions are upon us.
Supporting athletes and numerous officials will be joined by members of possibly the most corrupt organisation before the IPCC was foisted upon the world.

The original games had only one winner in an event who won a wreath of laurel leaves and competed buck naked.

In a little over two weeks the eye watering cost will be added up by London City and the British Government and how to pay for the party will be next on the agenda but as it is OPM it wont really matter.

Very good wishes and best of luck to all who aspire to a gold medal and to those who think a fourth place medal is a good idea just give all the also-rans a lead medal for taking part.

To those who regard quallifying as their goal, give the money back.

Yevette Williams was inspirational in 1952 but who else went?
At least I understood the earth was round and Helsinki was very close to the other end of the earth  when images were transmitted to the Auckland Weekly and looked up in the atlas.

At the end of it all my fervent hope is that no individual or group succeed in making their strange point of view the focus of the event.

Is it possible the massive media contingent will satisfy their ego by telling us what actually happens, I think not, it will come down to opinions I care little for, punctuated by endless interminable pauses that could all be eliminated by editing.

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Bazza said...

I think "Dutch" Holland was third in the men's 400m hurdles.