Saturday, July 28, 2012

Know Your Country Sunday July 29th


homepaddock said...

1. Someone who needed an opticion who did better than milkbottle-bottom glasses.
2. Cromwell.
3. North Islandish.
4. Entry in ploughing championship.
5. Te Mata Peak (typed with a lot more hope than certainty).

Chris Bird said...

1 Sir Ron Trotter,former head of Wright Stephenson and then Wrightson NMA.
2 Cromwell
3. Gisborne??
4Central Otago, could be overburden from a mine??
5Inland canterbury somewhere.

Marc said...

1. Morrie Davies, CEO of Air NZ at the time of the Erebus crash, and chief architect of the "Litany of lies" smokescreen put up to mitigate his company's part in causing the disaster.
2. Cromwell, town of fruits.
3. Opotiki
4. Central Otago
5. Taranaki

Billy Sunday said...

1:Morrie Davis
4:Grapes on the road out of Queenstown

Allan said...

Here's the easy one, number 4 is on the hillside between Cromwell and Clyde. It is supposed to stop erosion and currently has some sort of protest message in white on it. The message has been overpainted but is still fainlty visible.

Allan said...

Yes, the big fruits (picture 2)are at the entrance to Cromwell.

Allan said...

Pic 1 is Morrie Davis and is taken from his announcement of wreckage being found. I remember it well as it marked the start of a particularly horrific job experience for me.

Paulus said...

Marc is right - Morrison F Davies -no other comment.
Would walk past you in the office corridor and totally ignore you.

Bazza said...

1. Morrie Davis playing the role of Ian Mune in "Portrait of a Drunk".
2. Hot air balloons over Hamilton.
3. Snoopy memorial on road into Wellywood.
4. Ngai Tahu undercover Concorde reconstruction factory.
5. Tainui secret GE Gorse crop behind Taupiri Mountain.

Allan said...

The pole is in the main street of Opotiki and shows the history and growth of the region.

The last picture of the hill looks like it could be down Central Otago way. Perhaps terraced from gold sluicing and would be in keeping with the 2 previous central pic's. It makes me thing of something around the Bannockburn area.

Anonymous said...

1 Morrie Davis
2 Cromwell's roadside fruit 'sculpture'
3 Opotiki
4 Contact Energy's slip control terraces above the Cromwell-Clyde gorge. Best landscape sculpture in NZ.
5 Bracken hill country up the Matukituki or the Motutapu near Wanaka


Anonymous said...

1 Morrie Davis ex Air NZ (Time of Erebus disaster.)
2 Cromwell
3 Matamata?
4 Central Otago
5 Central Otago.