Sunday, July 29, 2012

It All Seems A Bit Pointless In 2012

Marriage is only another word  that increasing numbers totally ignore anyway

From criminalisation and the severe social stigma of homosexuality  mid 20th century we progress to a wider acceptance of what most see as an orientation fact of life. Colin Craig is struggling a bit with the concept.

With the continued degradation of the once exaulted state, although too often a bit ragged, of holy matrimony to an alarming casualisation of relationships that, fueled by ever increasing state intervention by way of welfare rewards, it is now widely accepted in many nations that committed same sex relationships exist amongst us  and are completely legal.

As to the usurping of the legal term "married" for couples of the same sex who choose to commit to entering a civil union, I see that as no more than a progression to a state of affairs desired by social engineers.

Along with such terms as Gay, chutney, and other words converted to soften an image, now it is Marriage.


The other major question under consideration in tandem, is 'gay adoption'.
This has been flying under the radar for years due to the pertinent fact a lesbian woman has been able to concieve and bear children without any serious barrier, social or biological.
It is more complicated for a Male couple as they need an opportunity to access adoption unless a child can be brought to the new arrangement from a heterosexual relationship and it requires some support from the "mother".
Accessing adoption as a means of acquiring a child is now nigh on impossible as welfare conspires to reduce the availability of "Unwanted" or other children as a couple or a solo mother is incentivised to keep such a child.
Instead of offering a couple who, due to a ticking biological clock, suppressed fertility or other reasons are denied a baby, a solution by adoption, we spend thousands of precious health dollars on fertility programs,  something that is seen as totally counterproductive in the natural world. Overcoming the genetic progress that such obstruction to natural fertility as Dawins theory of selection would employ, by artificial means, is just nuts.

Adoption does not exist anymore, such transfer of parenting is now only an upmarket fostering system.
Providing a home for a child that for whatever reason is not wanted, in the home of a childless couple, to be raised as their own is now prohibited. I guess in the all too often chaotic family circumstances of the 21st century home it has just been buried under the pervasive force of WELFARE and what sociologists see as desirable.

Adoption did sometimes go awry historically but often due to mismanagement of the information allowed to the growing child, the truth too often revealed, only when an adult applied for a passport or other official discovery opportunity requiring a birth certificate.


Anonymous said...

Gay marriage is simply a way to achieve gay adoption.

We need that in NZ like dogshit on our shoes. Thankfully we have guys like Craig who are principled enough to stand up.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What is chutney?

I've always thought it to be brownish coloured, strong smelling and unappetizing goo.

gravedodger said...

Not now Adolf swmbo has made a good looking pasta, very creamy and no tomato ta very much.

dad4justice said...
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Anonymous said...

Some of us see this as death by a thousand cuts. If we don't stand for something we will put up with anything.

Call me old fashioned but I see the idea of gay marriage as a start point and even the gay lobby say that. Its multiples next and then what? Marry Rover the dog?

Humans have been at crossroads before and the self serving path always seems more appealing. We'll be no different this time and we'll get what we deserve.