Friday, July 20, 2012


You need look no further than the call by the Vicar of St Mathew in the City (Auckland), Reverend Clay Nelson, for the ditching of the bible in schools programme, to understand why the Anglican Church in New Zealand is now irrelevant to mainstream Christianity (and perhaps even to New Zealand itself).

It is reported that Reverend Nelson has joined the atheist run-Secular Education Network in a bid to get the religious education programme out of the country's primary and secondary schools.    Nelson said "the programme is an imposition on the human rights of children as it restricts the freedom of other religions which is protected under the Bill of Rights".     No matter to Reverend Nelson that attendance is entirely voluntary and no matter that the programme focus is on 'values-based' Bible learning within a curriculum that had been approved by the Ministry of Education and various school boards.

For a cleric in Holy Orders to align himself with atheists seeking to further secularise the society we live in shows just how irrelevant the Anglican Church has become in New Zealand.

My father was confirmed into the Anglican Church by the Archbishop of  Canterbury.   My mother was a devout Baptist.  I guess you can say I am a wandering Protestant looking for a home.   That home is NOT the Anglican Church.


Mighty Kites said...

Religion has no place in state schools, voluntary or otherwise. Remove it completely and if people want their kids educated about religion then send them to religious schools. There is a separation of church and state for a reason after all

The Veteran said...

So, teaching our kids Christian based values on a voluntary basis is to be deplored.

And we wonder why our country slips further into the moral mire.

Clearly Kate you and I will have to agree to disagree

Mighty Kites said...

Teach them about values sure, but values no longer need to be based in Christianity. I hold the same values as most people, however I do not believe in any sort of God, yet it does not prevent me from being honest, kind, responsible and caring. Religion is no longer relevant to values or values-based education, it's as simple as that

gravedodger said...

Mighty Kites, so long as the "religion of Peace" holds to its barbaric insular denigration of other faiths and more so, womens rights, I see some value in Christian beliefs being at least addressed in our state schools.
The Bible and Christian dogma has some value in our founding principles far greater than a Treaty that was brought to our country by a colonial governor as a means or aid to bringing civilisation and good governance to a threatened populace.
That it was written in two languages that very few if anyone understood enough to be certain that a translation of either to the other or to a third language could be done with sufficient accuracy as to be valid actually puts the TOW in its true perspective. However that does not seem to be a problem in such a doubtful document being included in the current school curriculum.
The Padre should tread cautiously in trying to be everything to all or he will fall into the mire he helps create.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You will see the Episcopal Church in the US has headed the same way.

They had special 'neutral gender' rest rooms (toilets) at their recent annual conference. That's for the poor bastards who don't know whether to stand up or sit down to pee.

Simon said...

The last refuge for orthodox, 1662 BCP-type, Anglicans is the Orthodox Church. I am definitely contemplating the move after that happy clappy hippy was enthroned as the Bishop of Wgtn. The quest for 'relevance' leads to irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

"So, teaching our kids Christian based values on a voluntary basis is to be deplored".

You can teach any values you want to those who want them at any time.

Today there is a push from community members who have the ear of BOT's or Principle for the universal teaching.

Nah sorry it up to parents to choose what values they want their children to have.

There is no slipping into the "moral mire." Just an increase in the number of anti social people which would have occurred regardless of the change from forced learning of religious dogma to secular education.