Friday, July 20, 2012

I think there's a storm coming.

If good ole boy Basher wants to avoid crawling out of a foxhole for an appointment with a loop of best Pakistani hemp or dying in a ditch, now would be a good time to call a taxi.

Saudi Arabia, Paris or Geneva could figure as better options.

Michael Valley writes at "The Standard" that  Syria has entered the "Endgame", I thought that happened when the dopy bugger shot down the Turkish Fighter but I agree that when shelling your own National Capital is an option it has an erie similarity to Berlin in 1945.

I do not see much improvement for Syria or Lybia and Egypt with the "arab spring" but it is movement to a solution that will continue to ellude the pawns until a change is forced on "the religion of peace" by education and enlightenment.

I am optimistic, sheesh who seriously saw the rapid collapse of "the iron curtain" as Churchill so aptly described it.

Certainly nobody I knew or discussed it with.


Andrei said...

We are on the countdown to WW3, the West will be on the wrong side, the loosing side because it is morally, spiritually and financially bankrupt.

The idiot in the Whitehouse has set the ME afire believing, absolutely foolishly, that democracy will spontaneously break out - Hah!

Meanwhile the American military is marching in uniform in pervert parades while its drill sergeants exercise in pregnancy empathy bellys to better understand the trials of pregnant "soldiers" as they do PT.

The best and the brightest are bailing and is it any wonder as the military is transformed into a gay dating agency and employment opportunities with free child care for single moms.

When the war comes my son and his mates will likely give the call the middle finger because when it comes down to it "women" like Nikki Kaye, Jacinda Ardern and Charles Chauvelle are not worth giving your life for

Exclamation Mark said...

The best and the brightest are bailing and is it any wonder as the military is transformed into a gay dating agency....

Would you say that to Willi Apiata?

Take a chill pill mate, you sound quite nutty.

Anonymous said...

Quite nutty? Understate much?

Andrei worship Putin. He big man who ride horse with no shirt.

Paulus said...

it is believed that Weapons of Mass Destruction could well be used against Homs to show them who is in charge.
These WMD are of course from Saddam Hussian, who shipped them over the border - it only takes max 10 hours to truck Chemical Weapons to Syria. Saddam used them on his own people remember.
That is why the US could not find them in Iraq - they hade been trucked to Syria.
Syria has an enormous arsenal of various chemicals and nuclear weapons available.

Mort said...

This all part of a 1300 year conflict which resulting from the assassination of the paedophile prophet. The great Caliphate war, will rage for 30 years, and its anyone's guess as to who will win, because the Yanks will run out of money, so unless the Saudi's change allegiances and start trading their oil for yuan, they could well be on the losing side.