Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Can Hear them From Here

The northern ooutskirts of Adelaide are some thousands of miles from The Shaky Isles but when I go outside I swear I can hear the squarking and mewling coming from New Zealand.

The Inhumanity!  The unfairness of it all!  It's descrimination!  It MUST be racism, somehow!

Drug testing for beneficiaries.

What took so long?

So what do they want?  Now it's a choice.  Bong or benefit.


stevemag said...

About bloody time . To work for a living and have too much stolen in tax , you must be drug tested .

Paulus said...

It appears that from this that Jacinta Ardern from Labour is opposed to this move.
Typical young schoolgirl attitude, which she appears to be, from the Labour spokesperson on Social Welfare.
Labour are light on crime as usual.