Sunday, July 29, 2012

He makes Homer Simpson look good.

Caught the end of Q & A when scrolling for Olympic coverage of the Dressage and saw an illuminating segment with Shane Taurima trying to make sense of North Dunedin MP David Clark's private members bill to raise the minimum wage from the present $13.50 to $15.

Described as having "won" his seat when he inherited it from the cadaverous Pete, it could have been won by a swede on a manuka stick so long as it had a red rosette, Mr Clark started confident with a smile that was worth a thousand votes.
Soon the smile was definitely pasted on and each progressively inane response  to Shane  was opened with an increasingly strident "LOOK" when I think he meant listen.

With absolutely no disclosed understanding of the economic employment or social outcomes his stupid idea would have on the situation, particularly for youth Shane made him look like a complete muppet but that is unkind to Miss Piggy.

Clark's profile lists a BA and a BTHEOL with 1st class hons, time spent "working on farms and factories", spent 3 years as a PhD student then 3 years as a treasury analyst, yet when Shane asked him about costing the Min Wage policy he was like a possum in the headlights.
If he is a rising star for Labour he disappointed as he was more of a falling one. He might get it with a few years of lies and training.

Hey Mr Clark  why not shoot for $20 an hour and we will all be richer.
Then again deep down with your 3 years as a treasury analyst you might just have learnt something, here's hopeing.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is this fellow yet another failed Presbyterian minister?

Couldn't lead a flock so now he's going to flock New Zealand?

Anonymous said...

A swede wouldn't stand for labour in the first place.

Swedes are good, hard working National veges.


Andy said...

Someone has to do the vacuous stuff. They are saving Jacinda Ardern for the Election Campaign photoshoots again.

Andy said...

Mind you, it could be a cunning plan to disassociate the name Clark from Labour's burdensome legacy.