Monday, July 30, 2012


To the UK Service Chiefs who told LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games)  to 'sod off' with their demand that military personnel drafted in to support the games organisation wear track suits because their regular uniforms "might appear too intimidating" to the public.

LOCOG would have been better to confine themselves top working out why their contracted security provider (G4S) failed so massively to step up to the mark necessitating intervention by the military.   One would hope the incompetence shown by G4S didn't extend to those responsible for drawing up their contract which hopefully included substantial penalty provisions for non-performance.

The need for military personnel to wear their uniforms so as to be instantly recognisable is really a 'no brainer'.   Seems that LOCOG is a bit short in that department.  


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't these lefty loons make you laugh? They want a military but they want it ALWAYS hidden.

I say, old chap. We can't have these fellows wearing uniforms, people might think they are soldiers.

Well might the now spurned Israelis at Munich forty years ago have wished for a few more soldiers in the place.

Judge Holden said...

Seb Coe's a Tory as it happens, but keep telling bad lies Adolf. It's all you have. The Romneyshambles is funny innit?

The Veteran said...

Judge ... this isn't about Romney but his comment about reported logistical concerns as "disconcerting" was the truth and reflected the embarrassing failure of G4S.

Better though he had kept his mouth shut much like Obama should have with his repeated apologies to all and sundry for America and her actions past and present.

Murray said...

When we've screwed up enough to need the army you don't get to micro manage, you get out of the way.

IHStewart said...

Mind you I was in a pea soup fog in paris a few years ago and just about bumped ( the mist cleared in time ) into a French soldier fully armed and just about shit myself, much to his amusement.

I think that looking intimidating might be the point.

Anonymous said...

Ah -- but the sodgers will have a fine old time between duties. Nothing more attractive than a uniform

Anonymous said...

What the authorities are going out of their way not to mention is who are they protecting the competitors and the public from in militarized Londonistan.

Mrs Danvers

Judge Holden said...

Ooooooh, I know who Mrs Danvers is talking about! She means scary moooooslims! You know, the ones that rioted in London last year! She's too PC to say it out loud though.

Anonymous said...

My God Judge! You are just an Islamophobe!! Expect a fatwa on your head any time soon.

Mrs Danvers