Saturday, July 21, 2012


A number of trolls are complaining about my deletion of their comments.

They should read the rules of this blog.  Comments which cast aspersions on the character of the gentle, humble and civil blog host will be deleted.  End of story.

One bloody fool ranted over the deletion of it's (assume gender neutral) comment and went on to describe the aforesaid gentle, humble and civil blog host as a coward.

Be it known that henceforth anonymous comments will be deleted.

If you can't pluck up the courage to pontificate using a pseudonym then you might as well fuck of, loserf.


Gavin said...

About time, good call.

Gavin said...

Yeah, I agree with Gavin! Loserf!

Anonymous said...

Or that anonymous foreign gentleman struggling painfully, albeit unsuccessfully, with English comprehension. ;)

Mrs Danvers

KG said...

What Gavin said. And there's nothing at all stopping the trolls from starting their own "free speech" blogs, is there?

pdm said...

Well said Adolf. Since I have been positing at No Minister I have been encouraging all anonymous commenters to use a nickname. Fior some it just does not sink in.

Henceforth I will be deleting all anonymous comments on my posts and may I suggest to those that put a nickname at the foot of their comments that the change to using the `Choose an Identity'as a precaustion to prevent accidental deletions.

Smartbox said...
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