Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And They All Laughed - Updated


The trolls will love this.  

  1. The Pentagon is beefing up its forces in the gulf in preparation for a "flare up with Iran."  Now chaps, who is the commander in chief?  What's his name again? Obama?
  2. For the first time (I think), an American presidential incumbent is fundraising for re-election overseas, namely in China, Switzerland and Sweden
Join the dots, feller, just join the dots.  He's being given the bums rush by donors on the home front so he has to open up the channels for his good friends overseas.  Those friends like Chavez, Putin, Ahmadinajed, Assad and Co.

A word of warning to lurking trolls.  If you want your comments to stand, refrain from smart arse snide remarks.

Some time ago, Adolf predicted that America's Bullshitter In Chief would order a military strike on Iran in the event he found himself lagging in the opinion polls a few weeks before early November.  Trying to 'do a Thatcher.'

All the local insular lefties jeered and booed.

Well now, what do you know.  It looks as though Adolf is not the only person who assesses Obama as the greatest charlatan and crook ever to occupy the oval office.

I would expect a real chance for a preemptive strike against Iran, or perhaps even a few UN-approved lead-from-behind bombings in Syria—but only if Obama were 5 points or more behind in the polls and Putin gave him permission.
 One can only imagine what sort of 'flexibility' will be shown to Putin in return for his 'permission.'


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Read the rules, trolls.

colin said...

Hanson's comments are not unlike typical Fox News cant(disclosure-I have no more time for the UN than he, or other rightwingers, have).

His anti-Obama rhetoric relies principally on proof by assertion, and seems oddly disconnected to the academic portrayed in his bio (I had neither the time nor interest in reading his published works).

Your arguments also seem to be supported mainly with confident assertion. Interesting reading, nonetheless. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ha, pwned (again).

Mighty Kites said...
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Liberal Leftie said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Liber5al Leftie

Go read the rules.


I don't know why you bother.

Anonymous said...

You said he's do this if he was lagging in the polls. He's leading in opinion polls, not lagging, so what's your point? And it probably escaped your notice, but we're not "a few weeks before early November". So you're wrong.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It clearly HAS escaped your notice but Obama has been outspending Romney hand over fist for these past few weeks, in his 'kill Romney' negative ad campaign strategy, while Romney has been 'out raising' him by a significant margin.

You;s expect for all that expenditure he's have pulled ahead but he hasn't. He's failed and Romney is very much alive and very well funded.

In short, Obama is panicking and there are plenty of commentators from both left and right who are confirming that.

So I'm out by a few weeks, am I?

Is that all you've got? The main theses is correct but the timing's a little bit off?

You could at least have pointed to previous incumbent presidents who fund raised overseas. Have any done so?

Anonymous said...

God, you'd cling to anything to avoid facing the reality that Willard's a dud. Where's your evidence that Obama's spending more than the dullard and his proxies?

Obama's ahead in the polls, we're months, not days, out from the election, and Iran hasn't been attacked. 0-3 and you're gloating about how good you are?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymog @8:45

Go and do your own homework. It's all over the US news services. Good grief you might even read about it in the HYT and the WaPo.

Currently Obama is three points down and has been for three days in Rasmussen.

Your JackAss is engaging in a mammoth bout of premature ejaculation. Romney is doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

Shallow, evidence free analysis Adolf. Obama is planning to bomb Iran because you think he's spending more money that Willard and his Superpacs and all polls have him leading except the one which always favours the Republican. That's your hypothesis.

Where back in Comical Ali territory, I'm afraid. "The Democrats are committing suicide at the gates of Washington!".

Anonymous said...

While this may or may not be true (how would you ever really know about what's true in politics) I remain of a view that if these are the best two Africa and the US can find as leaders its not surprising the country is in the doldrums.

It seems like Russian Roulette but with the gun at someone else's head - a game with huge stakes for someone else.


Anonymous said...

Africa, 3:16?

Psycho Milt said...

You know the meme - current PotUS is a Kenyan Muslim, faked his birth certificate, is a sleeper for Al Qaeda as demonstrated by his, er, murdering them using drones etc.

Anonymous said...

What's the big zero running on this time? His record?
Has he calmed the seas? Has he healed the planet?
He can't run on that b/shit this time. The curtain has been pulled back and the little nobody has been exposed.
The demographics are showing this all too clearly.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

"The curtain has been pulled back and the little nobody has been exposed.
The demographics are showing this all too clearly."

Demographics? Suggest you buy a dictionary, dear lady.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I suspect the 'demographics' (correct word) to which she refers are those for younger voters who are deserting the JackAss in droves.

Suggest you buy some reading glasses, dear boy.

Anonymous said...

That's not demographics it's voting intention and enthusiasm, and anyway you're wrong young voters deserting Obama. Do your homework.

The woman used the wrong word and is sadly confused.

Mighty Kites said...

Poor old Adolf, things just aren't going the way he wants. RealClearPolitics has Obama ahead with a widening gap, and electoralvote has the trend of all polls in Obama's favour



Anonymous said...

All those other polls are rogue communist polls. Rasmussen is the only one which is accurate ever. Except on the frequent occasions it shows Obama ahead.

We have them surrounded in their tanks!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And here, just for dumbarsed lazy trolls:-

"...A recent Washington Post report said Obama has outspent Romney in Florida $17 million to $2 million, as of July 6. The numbers in Ohio were $22 million to $6.5 million, and in Virginia, they were $11 million to $3 million. ..."

Latest poll on Florida has Romney ahead by three points. Rips your nighties, eh lefties?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.28am July 18th

You obviously know what a dictionary is. Small mercy. Try opening one and look up the word 'demographics'. It's under d if that helps.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

All right then, darling, why don't you explain to everyone why the "demographics" have "pulled back the curtain so that the little nobody has been exposed."

This should be fun.

Mr. Seppo said...

This really is a sorry excuse for analysis. First off, this is not the first time that presidential candidates fund-raise overseas. It is done regularly among US expats and dual citizens and there are web sites from both parties dedicated to the task. Secondly, you say that Obama is war-mongering on iran but then go on to say that he is cozying up with Ahmadinejad. Which is it?

The hard fact is that you are a profoundly racist individual who simply cannot stomach the idea that a person of mixed race can hold a position of such importance. Your convoluted reasoning--beyond the usual birthed nonsense--is a poor cloak for your bigotry.

As for Romney. His wealth and past corporate behavior is his biggest liability, but if he picks Condi Rice or someone of similar stature he stands a fighting chance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mr Seppo

First - thank you for the suggestion that previous presidential candidates fund raised overseas. Perhaps you could point to one who held functions in four countries rather than just ran websites?


No I did not say Obama 'is war-mongering on Iran.' I do say that he will have no compunction about attacking Iran if he thinks such action will improve his electoral fortunes.

No, I am not a profoundly racist individual. Just one who calls it like it is. Obama and his gang of Chicago gangsters has been the most racially divisive since the days of slavery. I'd happily see Colin Powell or Condi Rice as president.


If Romney is silly enough to choose Condi Rice as VP he and she will spend the rest of the campaign fending of Dubbya jibes from the media while your Black Arsed JackAss rides off to victory.

Anonymous said...

Black-arsed? Wee bit obsessed with the colour of the guy's skin aren't you? You highlight it every time you post your erudite, objective, well-reasoned and factual analysis of US politics. Why do you think it's so important?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.50am July 19th

I can only assume that English is not your first language.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

ROFL. You just admitted that you can't explain why the "demographics" have "pulled back the curtain so that the little nobody has been exposed."

Perhaps ask Mr Danvers to help you out, dear.

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