Wednesday, June 13, 2012

World leader in something that matters.

Genesis Energy is well on track to be able to build a large wind farm in nothern Wairarapa farmland.

With a potential to generate around 80% of that of the  Waikato River system, at 850 MW it is big.

Of course there is the inevitable action group opposing it but we are talking one of the most sparsley settled areas of the Nation other than the SI High country and Fiordland so that is not likely to succeed.

New Zealand is unique in that we are developing renewable wind energy without government subsidy and it is still growing. Situated in the roaring 40s wind flows that are not often becalmed and in conjunction with existing hydro production and an apparent unlikely possibility for any serious growth in that option, this development is a step in the next expansion phase.

Settlements such as Alfredton pop say 10, Ihuraua maybe another 10, Tinui at 25 and Pongaroa another 100 plus the mostly larger farms will be right among the soaring towers , whooping blades and it will annoy  many   but sadly progress always has a cost and unlike Hydro there is no accompanying body of recreational water, thats tough. There will be roading to tower sites and that will be about all.

At least it is in the Island that has the greatest growh in projected consumption.


Shane Ponting said...

Just build a big badass coal one and be done.

Then maybe we can get some of that global warming that was promised.

It's not warm enough!

PM of NZ said...

Wairarapa? Most of it is in Tararua.

Anonymous said...

Or we could turn something off. Efficiency gains will see demand fall eventually so we should save the money.

I like Alfredton.

Anonymous said...

The site has a few problems - there is no major transmission line nearby and no major load centre close to absorb its power. Its also a difficult site, so When you factor those additional costs in it means it's power will be quite expensive. similar such big wind farms haved been shelved due to uncertain economics.


Simon Arnold said...

Found for some background on the impact.

gravedodger said...

@ PM of NZ you touch on an insoluble discussion point with all the hallmarks of eastern Fendalton Vs west St Albans.

Yes much, possibly all of the development is in Tararua Local body District but that entity straddles the Northern Wairarapa / Southern Hawkes Bay 'Provincial' districts not withstanding the fact that all that area of the East Coast was within the old Wellington Provincial boundary.

@ I like Alfredton, Laudable but would 1% of New Zealand people know where it was and few of them would have ever been there.

I find driving within view of the Tararua Wind Farm quite inspiring and graceful, that said I don't have to live under the Towers!

baxter said...

I've got nothing against windfarms but the fact that non renewable coal-gas etc schemes have to obtain credits under the ETS effectively amounts to a subsidy.

Anonymous said...

I've done most of my duck shooting at Alfredton. Looks like that'll be buggered now.

At least the Canada Goose problem might be resolved in that area.

I'm with Shane on this one.