Tuesday, June 26, 2012

These happenings are not accidents

They have become as predictable as tomorrow's sunrise

The beautiful bit of New Zealand in the Kaipara District of Northland at Mangawhai heads is enduring a condition requiring serious "Pain Relief".

Over time beaurocrats and elected officials, drunk on OPMs, have saddled the rate payers with eye watering rates increases, much of which has come about due to a gold plated waste water system that blew out to astromonic levels to leave the rate payers holding the highest debt per victim in the country.

I live in a similar demographic here on Banks Peninsula and we have dodged a bullet by forcing ourselves into Christchurch City some years ago when the dreamworld inhabited by idealists would have led us to a similar disaster.

I live on a rural block on the boundary of the old Akaroa Borough. we collect rainwater from a colorsteel roof that design and planting denies access to,  all live stock apart from birds that use the almost redundant Tv Aerial. We use no fancy adaptations for the collection other than a 25 000 Lt plastic tank with a bottom fed overflow from which the settled water is pumped to a second tank on the ridge above for pressure as and when demanded on night rate power.
Our drinking water is filtered and all other water used is as it comes from tanks that are cleaned annually for the settler and biennially for the 25 000 Lt header. Gutters ar cleaned autumn after leaf fall and late spring.

Our sewerage is via a 20 000 litre bog standard 3 chamber septic that gravity runs its grey water to two 30 mtr evapouration beds that reveal no evidence of their operation either seepage or odour. We looked at the agitator, aerated, pump evacuated systems but went with the bog standard model.

We don't hold back on water use other than a natural tendency to conserve, eg turning off the tap when cleaning teeth and wash vegetables in a sink rather than under a running tap. Behavior instilled from 50 years surviving on rainwater systems. No insinkerator but a dishwasher and a top loader Washing machine.

The system was installed for little higher cost than a capital connection charge for water and sewer inside the town boundary, as opposed to the mains power (pseudomonopoly) that came in at nearly 20 k, so how did a place with probably equal rainfall and a vastly superior evaporation factor get to such a "pretty place" in a clearly Very Pretty Place.
Our system is contained in no more area than  a large urban section as was our Beach property at Riversdale Beach on the Wairarapa coast of 800 sq mts.

I guess a collection of well educated perfectionists ignored all the tried and trusted systems that the nation survived on for over one and a half centuries,  designed an eco friendly, environmentally safe, medically approved, very reliable gold plated system that will do everything my self designed system does. the only difference being the 50 million dollars of debt or whatever the poor trapped encumbered rate payers are saddled with in Mangawhai.
Of course I had to have my Sewer system drawn up by a "consultant Engineer" who had the necessary letters but had no idea why I wanted for example, a small drop of 10mms per six meter length of the drain pipes with the spill holes every 450 cms so the grey water would spill throughout the line rather than dump in the first two meters. Of course the Building inspector had to see the pipes level to sign the system off even though I reinstated the Fall before covering  the shebang up.

The disaster that is faced by the ratepayers of Mangawhai, and talk of a rates revolt, sorry you have been placed on the scaffold with the noose around your necks, the bastards will just attatch your title and sell it when the equity is almost gone.
It was not an accident just a manifestation of the  ignorant unbridled power of elected representatives combined with the vacuous manipulative power of the Local Body beaurocracy.

There is more of it coming throughout the nation, Mangawhai, you are just another step to the clifftop, lemmings.

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Michelle said...

That's a cool water/sewage system you have there.