Saturday, June 16, 2012

That would be progress.

I am unable to rediscover where I found it yesterday and I hope I wasn't dreaming.

TV one is reviewing its totally inane and unecessary infotainment practice of "crossing live" to a nonentity dressed in logo marked gear at the scene of an event they are pretending to report on.

The cost of it is around one million dollars a year and it adds precisely nothing to the ability for enlarging on the information flow.
Pictures of unfolding events where appropriate yes but flying a talking head to the scene of an incident, unless they have a talent for discovering additional facts it is just wasted money.

Pike River, Christchurch Earthquake, weather events all were supplemented by talking heads, beautifully dressed and coiffed with the same background as a "set" delivering nothing new.

A couple of incidents that made the shallowness and artificial groping for exposure. (Alison Mau) corrected to Wendy Petrie outside the ChCh Court when David Bain was acquitted, fist pumping when she thought the Camera was turned off and the other night when another 'bimbo' was out in "rural Canterbury" at Yaldhurst. Now for those geographically challenged that is as rural as Takanini, Silverdale and Upper Hutt.
One of the main functions of the "live cross" seems invariably to attempt to badger some poor soul to tears and little else.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't "Alison Mau outside the ChCh Court when David Bain was acquitted, fist pumping...".

It was Wendy Petrie.

gravedodger said...

Thankyou Anon, they seem to fit a profile.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look all white women look the same. Easy mistake to make.

Shane Ponting said...

I think when selecting anonymous one should have their ip address displayed so you can tell them apart from each other....sure the addresses change with time but in a given discussion it would be close to accurate.

Because asking them to give themselves a name seems to much of an ask (as observed to date).

gravedodger said...

Apparently they are not able to be identified by the authors Shane, however when the quality of the comment from most who choose to hide under what Adolf quaintly calls Anonymongs is assessed is it that puzzling they choose that mode of ID.

Anonymous said...

Another strange habit of the NZ media is to include a spurious sound bite from some 'source' in every "local" story. Presumably this supposed to give such inane parish pump stories some added zing?

Example - I kid you not.....

Anncr: "A fire destroyed 50 hectares of grazing in North Canterbury late yesterday afternoon. Fire Service crews extinguished the blaze just before 7 last night. Deputy Rural Chief Associate Fire Inspector Murray Dudfield warned of the risks of rural fires at this time."

Voice over from some nasal droner - in case Herr Fire Jobsworth: "Thu forr was brought under control by crews larrst norrt. Uts vurry draw ut tha murment and furr buns ur burrn cunsudderd un tha dustruct."

Give me strength!!

Anonymous said...

"One of the main functions of the "live cross" seems invariably to attempt to badger some poor soul to tears and little else."

I thought that was the role of TV in general. The poor soul is the humanoid that parks his brain somewhere and takes on a load of what some tv marketing hairbrain deems is reality and entertaiment. The logo-ed bimbettes who are 'live' in front of something are mere symptoms of a general rot.