Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`We seem to hear nothing but moans and blame from Christchurch, saying our prime minister is expected to fix it all.NZers have helped and supported you. Stop moaning and get on with it.' Unattributed.

pdms comment:  Is this texter being a bit tough on Christchurch people? 


Heisenbug said...

Yeah, it is a bit tough. More than half the problem is the bureaucracy, and the Christchurch council's exceedingly stupid insistence on some planning wet dream. People aren't being allowed to build what they want where they can build it because it doesn't match the planners' vision for the city. Clearly the planners just want a wasteland full of rubble instead of a thriving city.

Anonymous said...

It is now 16 months since the quake that damaged my house. The insurance Company has not come around to do an inspection to tell me if it is a rebuild or repair. The house is off its foundations and broken down the middle. This is our second cold and drafty winter. Dont tell me we need to get on with it. There should be a Commission of Inquiry into IAG. Useless pack of basterds.

Anonymous said...

Heisenburg is right - its the council and their inability to see beyond the end of the street. They act like nothing has happened or use the repair consent process as an excuse to insist on upgrading to disabled access and toilets because a brick wall forming part of a carport is stuffed. $1,200 becomes $50,000 and that upgrade is not an insurance matter.

@ Anon 9.56 Have you seen EQC?

Ciaron said...

Texter might want to consider that quite a few people have been getting sweet F.A. from companies who were paid to provide surety for just such an event, and now understandably see pleading and demanding action from the PM as their only option. To assist in this education, I suggest texter try living in a tent in the back yard with no powe, no toilet & bottled water for a month, just to get a taste of what some people are still going through.

pdm said...

anons 956am and 1.05pm. Nicknames please.

anon 9.56am - I do not envy your situation. Have you been to the Insurance Council and the Insurance Ombudsmen as well as the EQ Commission as anon 1.05pm suggests. More than past time to rattle some cages I would suggest.