Monday, June 11, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Chrixtchurch and Canterbury  coldest temperatures since the 70s. Global Warming - Yeah right! SM

pdms comment: just confirming what all sensible people knew.


Doug said...

This from NIWA 1st June
NIWA is forecasting average to above average temperatures this winter, compiled with cold snaps and normal rainfall.

It says the La Nina event which has dominated the tropical Pacific for several months has faded out.

The outlook for June to August shows temperatures are likely to continue above average in many regions of the country, but near average in the west and south of the South Island.

It comes after the hottest May on record, where temperatures were 2.3degC warmer than usual.

Read more:

Judge Holden said...

Stop it with the pesky facts, Doug. These guys don't do facts, just politically driven squawks. Witness Adolf getting repeatedly owned about wetting his pants over some US poll results.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit misleading. Its the cause debate that has smart people asking questions rather than is or isn't warming.


Mort said...

and NIWA have never manipulated temperatures, and always get the weather predictions right...Pfft yeah righto Judge

Paulus said...

And another bloody EQ last night

Judge Holden said...

" NIWA have never manipulated temperatures..."

Wow! Have NIWA got a weather machine now? That takes right-wing paranoia to a new level. Congratulations Mort! Got any more of those?

Anonymous said...

I think he means 'temerature data' Judge you nasty little fuck


Judge Holden said...

He should have said that then EXOCET, you fat nasty fuck.

jabba said...

good grief, drudge holdingthemtootight is infecting blogs all over the place, usually with his fellow green agent bOb Guyton .. do you have a blog drudge?