Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have previously opined and still hold the view that right now the race is one for Obama to lose.

But he is risking burning off public support with his decision last Wednesday week to invoke 'executive privilege' to protect Attorney-General Eric Holder from being forced to release documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious; the botched Department of Justice 'gunwalking' sting operation that went horribly wrong with innocent people killed including US Federal Agent Brian Terry.

Some will see a certain irony in Obama doing this when, as a Senator, he railed against the use of executive privilege by George Bush Junior and promised an open and transparent administration.

His move is unlikely to prevent Holder from being cited for Contempt of Congress in a vote due to be taken by the House of Representatives next week.

Some will argue this is nothing more than partisan politics with the Republicans controlling the House however I am more attracted to the view of David Graham, Associate Editor of the Atlantic, who wrote ".....
just because an investigation is politically motivated doesn't mean it won't find real wrongdoing. Presumably, there's something in the withheld documents that Holder doesn't want to make public -- not necessarily legal wrongdoing, but perhaps something that would look bad for him or Obama. By asserting executive privilege, the Obama Administration is doubling down. The White House is standing behind Holder, and bringing the president more directly into the matter than he has been before. Obama is gambling that the executive privilege claim will hold, and that he won't be massively embarrassed before November. On the other hand, the story has now irreversibly broken from the partisan fringes into the mainstream, and his action will almost certainly be fodder for attacks throughout the presidential campaign."

I note yesterday's Rasmusson's Presidential Tracking Poll had Romney at 48% vs Obama at 43% and while Obama leads Romney in the Electoral College vote by a relatively healthy margin perhaps, just perhaps, the 'Fat Lady' could be singing from a different song-sheet come November.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Did you hear that big diesel motor start up? The one on the bus? The bus called Holder?

The first thing that pops out of Holder's mouth when the Republicans squeeze his nuts in a vice will be OBAAAAAAAAAAAMA

That's the way of the Mafia, the Chicago mafia, the gangster government.

Anonymous said...

Comical Adolf strikes again! "The Democrats are committing suicide at the gates of Washington"!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonydonc @1:44

So you're going to send your wife's birthday present to the Obama campaign? The poor bastards. Next thing they'll be cleaning wind screens at intersections.

You desperate loons just don't know how funny you are.

Anonymous said...

Comical Adolf doubles down!

""I can assure you that those Democrat villains will recognize, will discover in appropriate time in the future how stupid they are."

Seriously, please keep this up till November and beyond!

The Veteran said...

Criticise the post if you will but I would really appreciate some cogent analysis rather than shallow rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

OK, then. It's "lose" not "loose", "Holder", not "Halder", and this is a partisan beat-up on nothing like the scale of, for example, Iran Contra, cutting and running from Lebanon, Bush's invasion of Iraq and the wrecking of the US economy.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... fair cop on the 'spells' and I agree that, by itself, the '
Holder' affair is not likely to be game changer. But it's a fight that Obama doesn't need and by involving the Presidency he is exposing himself to collateral damage.

We can debate who wrecked the economy but certainly that issue is going to be central to the campaign where we might see a re-run of Clinton's "It's the economy stupid" ... in reverse.