Monday, June 25, 2012

Quiz results

The Veteran in fast with the NZ "born" polly and the world renowned fish and chip outlet.
Cadwallader gets 3 1/2 right lake wrong site for photographer.
Bazza good effort at deduction but alas a single point;
HP is awarded 4 and bragging rights. great logic on the trick polly question but no tangible reward.


1 Craig Thompson, NZ born Australian MP and ex Union manipulator who seriously threatens Gillard fingertip hold on Power with his union credit card use on "entertainment".
2 Cluth Bridge on the Tarras Wanaka Road.
3 Mangonui Wharf on the East coast of Northland with a world reputation for its fish and chip meals. Personally sampled in 1990.
4 Arrowtown main street as the annual Autumn Festival parade gets underway on a beautiful day in 2012.
5 Lake Wanaka from the shore of the town looking towards TC or more formally Treble Cone ski area.

Thanks for indulging my passion for seeing this country as a mission, ta to Adolf for the Mangonui pic, accessing free pics to supplement my resource continues to challenge so another appeal for donations of pics from others.


pdm said...

mrs pdm and I visited the Manganui F&C shop in 2007. The service was disappointing and we also thought it was over priced and over rated.

jabba said...

we went to the Monganui shop 2x this year .. the fish was Blue Nose, was nice but bloody expensive (just over $6 a piece). I also thought they were a little greasy. Now, the Thai food down the road was really nice

Barnsley Bill said...

The fish and chips from coopers beach shop (just up the road) are cheaper, better tasting and caught by the owner. mongo shop is for tourists. The locals go to Coopers Beach.