Monday, June 18, 2012

Quiz Answers

PM of NZ, two accepting the town was in his choices.
Chris two and two of the three musketeers. Very Ele L. with his bridge and  Craggy Range answers.
Dave got the bridge.

Then followed some rustic back row banter including a best answer to q5 from pdm.
Marc a solid three and bragging rights from Chris with 2 and 2/3.

1 Labour party President Moira Coatsworth with her new parliamentary Leadership Shearer and Robertson.
2 The Wairoa River Bridge.
3 Taumaranui, my Uncle Robert 'Bob' Thomas was the owner, editor and publisher of the Taumarunui Press for over 60 years. A memorable trigger,  growing up in North Canterbury, for my growing love of geography when the much anticipated book arrived at Christmas.
4 "Hendo's Hole", just another wasteland from his halcyon days with OPM in the Queenstown area at Fivemile Village east of Frankton. One of the Gibbston Valley vinyards is another, an untended mess due to the fact that the grape plots have nothing in common with title boundaries therefore a marketing nightmare.
5 Te Mata Peak from the Tuki Tuki River valley to the east, a favourite Paraponting opportunity. Road reaches the summit from the west through Havelock North to the very precipitous drop in the photo. Craggy Range Winery a dining experience of value near the photographers site.

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