Saturday, June 9, 2012

Phil U Meets Queensland

You will not find better entertainment anywhere.

God help Phil if ever he goes to Australia.


KG said...

classic! "and order me a f***ing pizza..."
Have to admire the judge's patience, too.

Anonymous said...

Phil probably would get turned back at the border coz even if he doesn't have drug convictions the sniffer dogs would probably find his weed shoved up his bum.

Also don't they question suspicious folk about whether they would have sufficient income to live on in Aussie?

Phil's answer that he would grow dope until he is eligible for the Aussie dole probably wouldn't cut the mustard


Shane Ponting said...

Have exceeded my laughter quota for the day, thanks for that post! :) :D

Marc said...

Hats off to the court reporter. I would expect a short toilet break to clean up after that. Awesome.

jonno1 said...