Monday, June 18, 2012


TV3 news on Thursday night featured a shock horror expose of Judith Collins by Patrick Gower alleging that she was playing fast and loose with the truth in denying she was involved in the decision by the Accident Compensation Corporation to refer the Bronwyn Pullar privacy breech to the Police. You can view Gower’s ‘puff piece’ at

However, when you compare that report with the Hansard record relating to QOA 12 you can be forgiven for thinking the Gower was interviewing his typewriter. See the Hansard report for yourself here at

Clearly Andrew Little is engaging in mud slinging and hoping that some of the mud will stick. Problem with that is that I suspect the Courts will take the mud slinging into account when they determine the defamation case against him. Never mind the ACC made a decision to refer the matter to the Police on 13 March and never mind the Minister was briefed on that decision on 14 March and never mind that the Minister stated in Parliament that she did not discuss the matter with Ralph Stewart, ACC CEO, prior to being advised of their decision. Truth takes a back seat to dirty politics and clearly Little has supped well from the Mallard cup..

So I guess the real question now to be asked is just what hold does Little and or Mallard (as co-defendants) have over Gower that is causing him to be their puppet mouthpiece.   Perhaps they are positioning him to do to Fran Mold what David Cunliffe has lined up for for David Shearer.     

Disclosure ... I and every Vietnam Veteran owe Judith Collins a debt of gratitude.   She took on the Labour Government and forced Parliament's Health Select Committee to put to bed the lie that we were never exposed to Agent Orange.   That does not mean I am her bag-man.    But when the chief Labour Party scum-bag and his wannabe apprentice attempt to manufacture stories about her I for one will call them out.


Judge Holden said...

"So I guess the real question now to be asked is just what hold does Little and or Mallard (as co-defendants) have over Gower that is causing him to be their puppet mouthpiece."

That's a pretty cheap shot Vet. I know you shill for Collins big time, but petty smears usually aren't your style (that's Adolt's area).

Anonymous said...

"Truth takes a back seat to dirty politics..."

The word "dirty" can be removed from that.


The Veteran said...

Judge ... what got me 'wondering' was how a senior TV reporter could get it so wrong.

Only two options. Either he's a fool or a puppet of Mallard/Little.

TV3 wouldn't employ a fool as their chief political reporter would they?

Paulus said...

Gower is an ingnorant fool - needs to get his mojo fixed, and his teeth.