Friday, June 15, 2012

Numbers - Updated


The Bandy Legged, Big Eared, Bullshitting Buffoon in the White House has attended more fund raisers during his first term than all of the last four presidents put together. One hundred and twenty four of them (In his first term, Dubbya had attended 57.)  No wonder the economy has tanked.  The Fund Raiser In Chief was too busy fundraising and pushing through Obamacare to worry about governing.  (And Romney now is out-raising him.)

Does that remind you of someone else?  Remember all the effort put into funding NZ Labour via the Electoral Finance Bill?  Clark and Co were so busy governing for the Labour party they botched the anti terror legislation which should have put away the Urewera gang for at least ten years.


In the US today, 10.1 million people want work but can’t find a job and have stopped searching.. (Table A 16, US BLS) They are excluded from the official unemployment statistics which currently run at 8.2%, representing some12.7 million people.  (That’s how you fudge the figures.)

Add the two figures and you have the true unemployment figure for the US, 20.8 million, the figure which compares with NZ and Australia.  True unemployment in the US is a staggering 14.8%.

If that were not bad enough, I read only one in four of those in work is employed in the private sector.  (Still waiting for confirmation from BLS)  (Again, like Clark and Co did, the real disaster has been hidden from the public by shovelling tens of thousands of otherwise unemployable drones onto the government pay roll.)

The 'one in four' reference appears to be unfounded.  The US BLS has sent an excellent and prompt reply to my inquiry.  Unfortunately the only figures available are annual averages with the latest being 2011.  These show a total work force of 120 million of which twenty-one million are employed by various strata of government. 

This must be damned near the worst unemployment in America since 1930.

More than anything else, this is why Obama will lose in November.


Anonymous said...

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I cannot understand how Obama has time for all these fundraisers, when he is so busy playing golf!

No wonder the US economy is screwed.

There again, it might be best Obama spends little time on the economy, as when he has acted, he has got it totally wrong.

Look at the failed stimulus.