Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unions Crushed

Today Wisconsin Governor Walker delivered a crushing blow to the American union movement by winning a 'recall' election with a whopping seven point margin.  In the process union membership has halved and their ability to extort money from members for the Democrats has been lost.  (A lesson for PM Key and Minister Parata.) It had been predicted that this was a bell weather event; if Walker won by five points, Romney would win in November and if Barrett won by five points, Obama would win in November.

We'll just have to wait and see but it is fair to say today was not a good day for the Jack Ass,  On top of this ignominious rebuff, Bill Clinton again rebuked him, calling for the Bush tax cuts to be extended in a time of recession.

So, let's indulge a little and fast forward to the evening of November the 7th, 2012.

Here’s the text of President Elect Romney’s brief evening television address to the nation, delivered on Wednesday November the 7th at 6.00 PM via all major channels.

“Good evening America.  I’ve asked the television networks for the courtesy of a few minutes to speak with you in your homes this evening.

First, let me thank you for placing your confidence in me and my team for the next four years.  I will work tirelessly and fearlessly on your behalf.

Today in America, one in every seven men and women who are willing and able to work full time is out of a job.  That state of affairs is a disgrace.  In fact it’s worse than a disgrace – it’s a national emergency. It has got so bad in these recent dark years, that one and a half million illegal immigrants have returned to Mexico because they think prospects for work there are better than they are in the United States   Think about that.

My administration’s number one priority is to put people back into real jobs so that together, we can Turn America Around and you can support yourselves and your families, as once you were able to do.

I want to tell you how we will set about this great task so that you may feel reassured over coming days that help really is at hand.  There are four measures we can take without delay.

First, I can tell you that when Mr Obama phoned me yesterday evening to offer his congratulations and good wishes, I asked him to immediately sign off on the commencement of the Keystone Pipeline project.  This cannot wait another two days let alone another two months.  We need those thousands of new jobs right now.

A few hours ago Mr Obama told me he has agreed to my request. 

Second, we will open large tracts of hitherto closed federal land for oil and gas exploration and production. There will be stringent environmental controls.  It is our goal to render the United States self sufficient in oil and gas and to be a net exporter within five years.  The federal revenue from royalties, permit fees and taxes derived from these fields will be used to pay down our unacceptably high level of federal debt.

Third, our taxation system will be changed to close tax shelters currently available to wealthy people and to reduce the rates of income tax on ordinary Americans and on small business.  Americans will keep more of their own pay checks for themselves and their families.

Fourth, we will repeal the law known as Obamacare, the real costs of which has been carefully hidden from the public.  The threat of these huge and unknown costs upon businesses has been a major factor limiting employment and business expansion.  The repeal of Obamacare will encourage many firms to resume hiring people without delay.

None of these four simple, practical and immediate measures I have outlined call for one dollar of extra government spending, falsely referred to by others as ‘stimulus.’  They will quickly generate for Americans real new jobs, in hundreds of thousands. 

The Christmas season is almost upon us, with its fundamental message of joy and peace.  I will be spending Christmas at home with my wife and family and no doubt many of you will too..  We wish you all a peaceful and joyous Christmas.  I can promise you a more prosperous New Year.

God bless you all.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

There will be no need to repeal Osamacare.

That unconstitutional treasonous racket will be voided in the next few weeks. At that point, had Osama bin Kenya any integrity, he and Biden would resign in disgrace, allowing John Boehner to form a Republican Administration until President Romney can take over.

We don't need "requests" to Osama bin Kenya - we do need predators dispatched against the DNC!
We don't need "stringent environmental controls" - we need the exact opposite!
We don't need to "close tax shelters" on job creator - we need the exact opposite!

Romney's message needs to be much more proactive - and much more supportive of capitalism:
* ending unionism, especially federal and state unions
* ending taxation and bureacurcy for job creators
* ending environmental and labour legislation
* terminating sociali security
* terminating medicare and medicaid

What is happening to the West - the end of socialism; the end of the "social contract" - is just what happened to Eastern Europe in the 1990s - the end of communism, the end of guaranteed jobs, "safety nets" and all the apparatus of state control.

Budgieboy said...

Good post Adolf,

I can hear heads exploding already!

Put the safety glasses on folks, there's going to be a lot of frothing and spittle flying around here shortly.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of course, the real underlying message in this post, as the late Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto well knew, id that the American economy is like a sleeping lion and when it is unleashed it can produce devastating results.

The four 'immediate' measures indicate how easy it is to unleash the sleeping giant. Just get rid of the current Jack Ass and his demented policies and all will be well in very short order.

Anonymous said...

Willard's magic underpants will not save him, and neither can you. Certainly not with what you pass off as analysis. More smears please! They're funny.

Anonymous said...

It just gets worse and worse! Rasmussen has them tied today! Oh no! Adolf's head explodes! A tied election! But wait, all other polls have Obama ahead! Damn MSM and polling company bias! Spin it Adolf, spin it!

Anonymous said...

Adolf the teleprompter. Don't give up your day job.

Yamamoto was right but there was a war looming. That's not the sensible path out of every recession.

The US needs Fairtax and closure of TSA, IRS, DHS and all those other snoopy depts that make the term "US the land of the free" so galling. Dump the Fed Reserve as well. Real power needs to revert back to the states within the union.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest speech that Romney will never give. Has that photo been touched up?

Anonymous said...

For the US to become a net exporter of gas,it will need to build LNG plants, and the soonest one of them can get built is about 2 years. The next cab off the rank for an LNG plant will be at least 4 years away, unless they go for an FRSU, which can be made in approximately 18 months by companies like GolarLNG.
the Onshore LNG plant currently under construction will not have a significant effect on the stockpile of gas which is overloading storage in the system of pipelines, tanks etc. More drilling at this stage will only further the glut.
Gas is not the shortage at the moment, oil is. Keystone will go a long way to addressing this, and in Ospama's defense, the distal half of the project is to go ahead, it will just be the the rerouting of the more proximal end of the pipeline which is holding up the show at the moment.
In order to attack the glut in the gas market, there needs to be a conscientious effort to redirect from oil derived energy into gas. Cummins have developed LPG/ CNG powered engines which generate as much torque/ power as a diesel, so trucking firms can viably look at re-powering their fleets with gas. The problem is a lack of refilling station so its only the filling stations that need to be completed to be a viable fuel alternative (easier said than done).
However gas prices will remain low by the fact that coal and gas are actually competing with each other to supply electricity plants, and so in effect are under cutting each other. The EPA are doing their darndest to change that though.

Drilling in the US will go some way towards generating new jobs, but the thing that offers more chance of increasing jobs in the US is new technologies, such as graphene and the amazing properties that substance is going to imbue mankind with. (Google it and view the future: the stuff is going to piss the greens off though, its a nasty evil element).


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Interesting Mort.

Actually discovered by the Russians during the Korean War!!!!!!

Not quite so new, eh? Just unnoticed for a few decades.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see the Californian cities of San Diego and San Jose also have voted to severely curtail the pension benefits of government unions.

As the writer says, 'looks like a trend here.'