Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Never Ever

...did I think I would read such an appalling story as this.

Adolf sincerely hopes someone can assist this lady to have a crack at Sky City.

One wonders if the company has installed prayer rooms for its Muslim employees so that they can raise their bums skyward five times each day?

If Sky City wants to employ Pacifica people then it had better do some quick homework and learn a little about how these people actually tick.


Tinman said...

Christchurch Casino forbids ALL staff from carrying ANY personal items while on duty within the casino.

I would think SkyCity Casino does the same.

Assuming that is so the lady has been employed at the casino long enough to know better.

The only thing "bad" about the story is that it was not an instant dismissal report.

No way should god-botherers of any type or any race get special treatment.

Anonymous said...

It's irrelevant that it's a bible.

Sky city forbids employees from carrying any personal items while working the floor. She's worked there 16 years and it's her 3rd warning about it!!!

Even that pinko campbell last night was trying to spin it but in this case the employee is in the wrong.

don't like it? change jobs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tinman.

You allow a little old lady to break the rules, (and why a woman of her religious conviction is working in such a den of iniquity is beyond me)then you allow every nutter, religious freak and charlatan to impose their religious beliefs on the rules of any private company.

We've all seen how well that has worked out overseas.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian and agree that the issue is dress code rather than religion. One day it will be religion but this is not that day so its a beat up.

Tinman in his neo liberated and tolerant manner is trying to make it religious but is jumping the gun. Please be patient - you'll get your suck on the sav soon enough.