Monday, June 18, 2012

Major Surgery at Fairfax Media. Amputation Updated

Fairfax has announced the axing of 1,900 jobs, the closure of two major printing plants, the dumbing down of once worthwhile newspapers.and the introduction of an online pay wall.

In the words on one ex editor of the Melbourne Age:-

"It's a huge day. The biggest announcement in newspapers for 100 years. I think what it means is that the golden age of newspapers is dead.
"The big question is whether the golden age of journalism can continue."

Of course, the journalists will go on strike to ensure job losses are not limited to one thousand nine hundred

So far, I'm unable to see whether any New Zealand jobs are affected.

Update:  It appears all the job losses will be in Australia.  Share price up 5% this morning.  Quite a killing for Ms Rinehart.

Here's the first idiot slated for the long walk - Dan No Brains Nancarrow.  She's not even a director but, somehow, she's running the show.  Must be magic.

Gina’s taking over. Pay walls coming in and staff being slashed. = Morale and job security at an all time low. #Fairfax
Brisbane Times reporter Dan Nancarrow, via Twitter

Update:  The vipers nest of socialists at the ABC invite online readers to follow 'live coverage' (for God's sake) of events at Fairfax. Perhaps they are hoping for ritual disembowelment of journalists.  Viewers are spared a live cross to the Tullamarine printing facility.

 Meanwhile Gina Rinehart has lifted her share holding to 19%.



I trust you will carry on reading The Australian, Adolf.
I did when I was there.

ZenTiger said...

The Australian was a good read. Now that it will be down to 2 pages I'll probably have time to read it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Zen, The Australian in not put up by Fairfax. It's a Murdock paper and already has an online pay wall.

For years it has been the best paper in Australia.