Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let down by incompetent underlings again

It seems to be a common problem for this government's cabinet ministers - their departments insist on pursuing really stupid ideas merely because the government's required them to do so.  Poor Murray McCully seems to suffer from outrageously incompetent senior staff in every portfolio he holds, and now it's Judith Collins having to set out "tough new expectations" for a department that foolishly, maliciously followed government policy.

ACC's shameful approach to long-term claimants has already cost it the heads of most of its board, and now Collins will be changing its objectives from those shameful and malignant requirements that, er, her own govt made it adopt 3 years ago.  It should improve public confidence no end to hear that the same people who set the shameful and malignant objectives in the first place have sacked the underlings tasked with implementing them and are coming up with a new set of objectives - especially given Collins' well-earned reputation as a woman of empathy and compassion.


Paulus said...

An important part of the problem is that the Public Service (sic)
do not accept a non left wing Government where they are featherbedded and have a large like minded growth factor - see Helen Clark's years for increase in their number, both in national and local government spheres. They are one of the largest Trade Unions in the country and their natural enemy is their masters.
This is not new, but continues a pattern of many years.

Judge Holden said...

Blub blub! It's all the bureaucrats' fault coz they're commies! Get real Paulus. ACC's treatment of long-term claimants has been the result of people doing what they were instructed to do by the Minister. The problem is they did it too well, not that they have it in for the Nats.

Paulus said...

Judge holden - have you ever run a large organisation as the top executive - I have (400 approx staff).
I was never aware of any foibles perpetrated at a middle/junior level - that was a Manager's responsibility, which is why they were appointed.
Who sent out the ACC lists, and why to Pullar - can somebody tell me please.

Judge Holden said...

"Who sent out the ACC lists, and why to Pullar - can somebody tell me please."

You think it was an anti-government conspiracy? If you really have run a large organisation you would know about cock-ups. They keep the world turning.