Sunday, June 17, 2012

Know your country Sunday June 17th


PM of NZ said...

5 Te Mata Peak
4 A town view looking northward to Central Plateau. Taihape or Taumarunui?

Chris Bird said...

1, Shearer, ? , Robertson
2 A bridge to somewhere,
3 A development in Queenstown near the airport that went into receivership, one of Hendersons companies?
4. Taumaranui looking toward Mts Ruapehu and Ngarahoe.
5 A range of craggy hills somewhere in our beautiful country.

Dave said...

Is the bridge the one in the centre of Wairoa?

Anonymous said...

5-Mile is the name of the hole.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The bridge might almost be at Waitangi.

Can't place the short arsed sheila who happens to be the meat in the sandwich.

PM of NZ said...

AF, sure it's a sheila? You never know with Labour types.

1. 3x nobodies.

Doug said...

I think it’s the sheila that holds Shearer's hand at Labour Conferences similar to H2.

pdm said...

I lean towards Wairoa for the bridge.

Wondered if the town was Wairoa as well - taken from the lookout on the hill just out of town (north).

Last one could well be Te Mata peak taken from near Craggy Range Winery.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Maybe she's the rouse about.

There just to pick the shit off the edges?

Marc said...

3. Henderson's hole, Frankton, now sold to Tony Gapes' company Queenstown Gateway. He is refilling most of the excavated 2.4ha site, and plans a supermarket with some underground car-parking. The news was that the refill material was going to be what was originally taken out, and would be done by the same company that did the digging in the first place - hilarious if it wasn't such a waste of money. (How many Kiwis does it take to dig a hole?)
4. Taumaranui
5. Te Mata Peak range, Hawkes Bay