Sunday, June 24, 2012

Know your Country Sunday 24th June.


The Veteran said...

1. Craig Thompson
2. Tangiwai Rail Bridge
3. Mangonui Wharf
4. Queen Street (with the Greens in Power)
5. Lake Taupo (from Waihi Village)

Anonymous said...

1 Don't know.
2 State Hwy 8A near Luggate.
3 Mangonui
4 Arrowtown.
5 Lake Wanaka at Glendhu Bay?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not many people know that Australia's biggest ratbag of a politician and union bludger, Craig Thompson, is a Kiwi. Born and bred in Wellington - well, what would you expect?

We only export the best.

gravedodger said...

Yeah I know Adolf but he loosely fitted my criteria of NZ polly a lot like Joh in some ways but no where near as successful.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Waddya mean 'loosely'?

We should send them a whole lot more.

Starting with Hughes, Field, Benson-Pope, Samuels, Little, Chauvelle etc etc and etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't know any so guessing.

1. Don't know
2. Upper Atiamuri
3. Stewart Island
4. Cadrona
5. Wanaka

The Veteran 4. Tee hee


homepaddock said...

1. If that's an MP in parliament it's not in NZ where the parliamentary seats are a darker green.

2. The bridge over the Clutha river between Tarras or Hawea and Lugggate or Wanaka - in Autumn.

3. Coastal North Island.

4. Arrowtown - maybe autumn festival.

5. I don't think it's Glendhu Bay but I do think it's Lake Wanaka.