Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Done Busted Out All Over

The Bumptious Bullshitter in the White House was having a real bad June for a while there.  Job numbers tanked, Wisconsin kicked his arse hard, Romney pulled in more money than he did and, no matter what, he just couldn’t get a rise in the polls. Rasmussen has Romney holding a steady five point lead.

Then everything changed.  It got a whole lot worse when the Republicans cornered the Bumptious Bullshitter's nasty little mate Holder and slapped him with a contempt vote for refusing to produce subpoenaed documents.  The Brilliant Brain Box countered with an assertion of ‘executive privilege’ to block the documents’ release.
Many commentators have indicated this particular assertion of executive privilege is unlawful but that’s another story.

The real problem for Mr smarty pants Obama and his gang of Chicago gangsters has not yet seen the light of day.  It’s that dreaded word nobody wants to whisper or hear.  The “I” word. 


By asserting executive privilege in such a clumsy and inept way, Obama has shouted to the world that there is something to hide.  Not just any something, but something big time.  Something worth taking the huge risk of using a dubious assertion of executive privilege and thus bringing the 'I" word, inevitably, to the minds of all Americans.    He has created the perception of massive wrong doing when before there was none.  This, on its own, is enough to seriously damage his campaign.   It is so Nixonian, it hurts.
But wait until his enemies get hold of it.  Not just the obvious enemies within the Republican party but his enemies within his own party.  Whoever his advisers are, they surely did not think this one through past tomorrow’s evening news.  There is a growing perception that sane elements within the Democratic party have concluded four years of president Romney will be much better for the short and long term prospects of their party than four more years of  president JackAss.  They fear the damage to be wrought by the Obama gang will see the Democrats stay in opposition for a generation, at least.  Obama now is seen as their ‘Moses’ president - who will lead the party into the political wilderness for forty years but never make it to the Promised Land.

Nothing could be calculated to drive away voters more than the prospect that the candidate will face impeachment if elected.  They'll either vote for the other guy or they'll just stay home. Whether he is eventually impeached does not matter as much as the perception he will be.

Nobody who remembers the awful sagas of Nixon and Clinton will want a rerun of those, particularly at a time when Americans want their leadership focused fair and square on the economy and the plight of seventy year record unemployed..

Look for the “I” word to appear on the scene around mid to late August.  Why, you might even find it’s Slick Willy who skillfully and subtly introduces the idea in one of his speeches supporting Obama’s campaign.

Then, all he has to do is smile, sit back and watch the Republicans do the rest while Hillary prepares for 2016.


Bags of sport.  Pass the pop corn.


Anonymous said...

We have,them surrounded in their tanks!

You're priceless, Comical! Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

"There is a growing perception that sane elements within the Democratic party have concluded four years of president Romney will be much better for the short and long term prospects of their party than four more years of president JackAss."

Really? Who? Gotta link, or is this another of your patented made up facts?

The rest of your analysis is typically laughable.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, a massive swing against Willard today according to Rasmussen. Wow! Do you know what sort of shift is required to bring about a three point swing in JUST ONE DAY? Of course you do, you've lectured everybody on it. Willard's done for.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes I do know. About half what it took your JackAss to drop two points in one day on Gallup.

Anonymous said...

Gallup? But they're hopeless aren't they? Or is that only when they're not giving you the answers you so desperately crave?

You remain clueless. Does Willard know you're one of his proxies? Even he would be appalled.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, the three point swing to Obama on Gallup today is just huge! Do you know the kind of shift required to do that IN JUST ONE DAY?

Do you get where this is doing Adolf? You're being taught a valuable lesson about polls. Take it on board eh?

Anonymous said...

Adolf's learned to keep his mouth shut, finally. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the fast and furious thing is really having an impact:

ROFL. A sea of blue. Must be all rogue polls eh Adolf?