Monday, June 25, 2012

It Comes Down To Attitude.

In The Herald On Sunday ex MP Rodney reminisces on Life after politics.

He has recently been doing some hard yards around manual labour and it feels good.

Lindsay Mitchell who can always be relied apon for a hearty meal of reality around welfare, takes Rodney's situation a little further and relates his current situation to Georgina Beyer's,  with rather revealing results.

A mate here in Paradise has scored an opportunity in Mid Canterbury, working four night shifts of 12 hours with accommodation included followed by two days off.
Now he admits on the scale of things past, the "good Money "  he receives is not the compensation he might have thought in his days as a tradesman jeweler with a warm place of work, contact with the tourists, their money, and "office hours". However after some EQ related casual work plus some enjoyable paid gardening, following a redundancy, he is enjoying the rather drastic change in lifestyle and if it leads him to another opportunity then well and good but for now it is a worthwhile experience. BTW he is 60 years old.

Yes not all can do the yards that Rodney and my mate have embraced but to feel sorry for poor old Georgina is very difficult to accept with her published entitleitus opinions on life after her true worth has been established.

Just as with the All Blacks effort in the second test, attitude can be the key

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