Friday, June 22, 2012

Is this really news

Not sure why this is news.
Maybe " Prisoner starves to death after delusional escape up disused tower with no possibilty of actual escape" could merit a minor headline but until then, who really cares.


The Veteran said...

Good post but surely the question to be asked is how much the Corrections Dept will be fined for letting this happen. Answer ... zip, zero, nothing.

So next time Bevin Hanlon bleats on about privately run prisons remember that for this kind of stuff up they pay and pay dearly while, for his mob, it's a slap on the back of the hand with a wet bus ticket.

Double standards rule ok in the public sector.

Edwin Wigmore said...

Yep, reminds me of the crims who took over a similar part of the mount eden prison. I remember the four times a day updates.

Just make sure the buggers can't get away and they'll leave on their own account when they get hungry.