Sunday, June 17, 2012

French Farce, Italian Opera, Greek Tragedy

Today the Greece votes for yet another new government.  It seems their decision may well result, one way or another, in the country jettisoning the Euro.  More precisely, it might be the Euro jettisoning the indolent Greeks.

Adolf has long wondered why the industrious, hardworking northern Germanic tribes, along with the Vikings, don't just tell the Frogs, Spics, Wops and Wogs to piss off and drink themselves to death in the sun.

Just imagine that!  The Austro-Hungarian Empire all over again.

 They could even rename their currency - the Austro.


Anonymous said...

You see the world through this weird lense where ethnicity and skin colour is a person's defining characteristic. White people are good and hardworking. The others, be they spics, wops, wogs, horis, chinks, or black arses, are lazy, indolent and evil. Explains your fear and hatred of Obama I suppose, but you should seek help.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonywog @ 10:07

Perhaps you haven't noticed but most French frogs, Spanish spics, Italian wops and Greek wogs happen to be Caucasian.

Their skin colour has nothing to do with ethnicity, just the amount of sunlight and the average temperature. Haven't you seen all those cool clear blonds in Sweden and Lithuania?

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed. Hard work, self discipline and a frugal lifestyle is the way to get ahead, especially in tough times. Some do that better than others. If European type socialism is the answer the question must be awful.