Saturday, June 2, 2012


Adolf sincerely hopes the Australian Gummint tells UNESCO to go somewhere else and mind it's own business.

THE United Nations has warned Australia not to allow development of new ports along the Great Barrier Reef, as the World Heritage-listed natural wonder is under threat from "unprecedented" coastal development. 

And if you go and have a look at the ABC report on the same piece of nonsense there is some fool from Greenpeace claiming the reef will be doomed in eight months.

But but but but but - I thought The Reef was going to be killed off by global warming?

What a bugger.  Global Warming didn't work so we'll get a report written by those paragons of virtue at the United Nations. That ought to do it!


Anonymous said...


You do not understand, rationality and truth are not wanted by Greenies

jabba said...

the Green movement are having a bad day with Red Russell telling the faithful that they now support mining .. the real world is a bad place for these people