Friday, June 15, 2012

Events, Dear Boy. Events!

(Yeah yeah, I know.  But it's the only election campaign on at the moment and they are such good sport.)

The words attributed, by some, to the late British PM, Harold McMillan, when asked by a journalist what could blow a government off course.

I wonder what events, predictable or unpredictable, will beset the respective campaigns of Messrs Obama and Romney?

First, some predictable events:-

  • The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare – due in July
  • An Israeli strike on Iran and possibly Lebanon
  • The collapse of the European Union
  • Continued deterioration of the American economy – particularly employment.
  • Stalling of the Brazilian, Indian and Chinese economies

Second,  some unpredictable:-

  • A successful attempt on the life of Obama by Pakistan based Islamists, incensed at his public gloating about ‘murder by drone.’
  • An 8.5 Richter scale earthquake in Los Angeles – death toll 20,000 plus.
  • A ‘dirty bomb’ explodes in New York.
  • An aggressive play by Russia on one or more of its neighbours

Any one of these, apart from a successful assassination attempt or the SCOTUS decision, will give the incumbent the best opportunity to capitalize and, perversely, present the greatest risk of being seen to be bereft of genuine leadership qualities.

I think this incumbent will be praying he is not put to the test.  Let’s face it, could you imagine Rudi Giuliani using a teleprompter on September the 11th?


Anonymous said...

Giuliani! Now there's a prime example of an appalling GOP politician. Dined out on 9/11 for years and years until everyone got utterly sick of him and had him killed.

Interesting fact: No GOP poltician ever uses a teleprompter. Did you know that? They all speak from the gut without notes. You betcha!

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about the politicians of yesteryear. They had a certain dash, panache and classical thought. So different to the pollies of today.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

That's because they were born to rule elitists educated at Eton and then Oxbridge. So much better than ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

anon@9.53 You could not be more wrong about McMillan. Yes, he went to Eton and Oxford, and to the trenches of WW1. Of his Oxford class of 28, only he and another survived the war and he was an invalid for several years. He never forgot the great leveling experience of being among the wounded and dying of all classes. To him they were all fellow human beings.


Psycho Milt said...

A successful attempt on the life of Obama by Pakistan based Islamists, incensed at his public gloating about ‘murder by drone.’

I take it this shift to what an awful president Obama is for killing Al Qaeda leaders means the earlier propaganda about how he's a secret Muslim Al Qaeda sympathiser is superseded?

Anonymous said...

Thanks George. All animals are equal and all that.

Anonymous said...

Adolf's now a terrorist sympathiser, given that Obama is successfully dealing to them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt and Anonymong

No, just amazed at how stupid Obama is.

gravedodger said...

@ anon 09 53.
At least Harold McMillan was educated and not just indoctrinated.