Sunday, June 24, 2012

EURO 2012

A decade or so ago the pundits used to talk about total football. I never quite knew what the hell they were talking about but the last two early morning starts have brought me to the point where I now believe I know what total football is.
Germany and Spain literally rip the lungs from their opposition. The passing game has grown up.
From the kick off this morning the Spaniards had the ball and simply did not let it go. Watching the French (and Greeks yesterday) chase the ball without getting near it was incredible.
Germany looked like they were playing Chess til half time and I imagine they have no need for a fat Rexona sponsorship such is the effortless ease with which they destroy their opponents.

Fast forward a day and we will see a similar effort from the Italians while England rely on the long ball game to try and exist on the thin scraps that they will win for themselves.
Having watched every comp since 1970 (even 82) I have now reached the point where fanatical blinkers no longer fit and I am able to look at my team with the kind of detachment and critical cynicism that no All Black fan ever got within a million miles of.
And my conclusion.
England are rubbish.
When England pass it looks like they are trying to push the ball across a ploughed field. It never lands at the feet of a runner without interrupting their flow. Most passes are off the ground and the whole team seems to just drop their shoulders when Johnny Foreigner nips in and pinches the ball.
Added to that there is the fact that not one of the squad is a character that is likable in any way.
From Rooney and the marsupial stapled to his massive head to John Terry and his inability to whisper the racist taunts like the rest of us do.

If England manage to find new lungs, fluke a couple of goals and avoid giving away cards and penalties to the Italian Dramatic Society tomorrow it will be undeserved.

It will also be very bad for England as a country because on current form the other semi finalists will give them such a beating that England will snatch the Irish rugby teams crown as the worst international sports team of the century.

And yes, even the Portugese rent boys would pass and dive England into the ground.


Anonymous said...

Another armchair critic who has never actually played the game. You never made it as a pro so are talking about something you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Barnsley Bill is overweight, unfit and unattractive, he couldn't chase a ball for 90 minutes let alone pass it, he has never done a days work in his life, hides behind a computer and is jealous of people with real talent, the knobber is still renting, says it all, rent boy.

dad4justice said...

Is BB like that BB over at Farrarnutfarm? I think Bill has more clues than big bruv Graeme.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Morning Barnsley

I see you've attracted some football 'ooligans.

Barnsley Bill said...

Over weight. Yes, unfit, Yes. Unattractive? Quite possibly but it has never seemed to hold me back.
Played football competitively until my late (mid, well early actually) thirties.
Work, hate the stuff but sadly have worked my whole life and continue to until this day and sadly beyond I imagine.
Rent? Not me pal. However while we are discussing rent a couple of my properties will be needing new tenants shortly if anybody fancies a rural retreat in the bay of islands..
Oh and anonymous, although I have not posted in a while you should be aware that if you are ever likely to reveal yourself I will drop by and dish out some hard instruction on manners.

More importantly my post on the likely outcome of the England Italy game was fucking perfect you whiny bitch.

Anonymous said...

'Fucking perfect you whiny bitch'

Why the agression?

Before you lecture anyone on manners it would be quite apt to practice what you preach.

DS said...

We know who Barnsley Bill is, he couldn't even cut the grade as a North Midlands league Barnsley reserve playing at shitholes like Mansfield and hoping the 79/80 fixture list might get him an away day at Roker or Ayresome back when reserves played in proper stadia.

Frustrated....He wasn't, he wasn't good enough, he couldn't cut the mustard, he resorts to swearing on a blog because he is jealous of anyone who made any grade.


DS said...

I know quite a few pro footballers, some played at league one level, most at old Div 2,3,4 level so at least they made it in the game, one played for Eire, another for Northern Ireland, one played for England B, I resent some lazy blogger slagging off anyone who has made something of their life, Joe Waters, Chris Nicholl, Paul Wilkinson achieved more in life than you ever will, Ok they weren't world beaters but they made the grade and are still respected in the game, before you criticise take a look at yourself first.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Some people don't seem to know the very basic rules of blogging. Not just at No Minister but blogging everywhere.

Rule number 1

Do not reveal the identity of a person who uses a pseudonym, NO FUCKING MATTER WHAT.