Saturday, June 16, 2012

Different Circles

Just got back from the four km walk to buy the daily loaf.  (On these cold mornings the remaining 6km can be accommodated mid afternoon.)

Bumped into an acquaintance who is 'right into politics.'   He seemed excited.

"Boy, have I got some goss for you!!!!"

'Really?  What's going on?"

"Mid July, they'll tap Julia on the shoulder and bring back Rudd.  He'll call a snap election and the Libs will roll Abbott and install Turnbull as leader.  Oh yeah, Abbott is screwing his secretary and Gillard's a lezzie."

He seemed deflated when I suggested (a) Turnbull would be more at home in the Labor Party, (b) there was no evidence to support the notion that Gillard is a lesbian - in fact quite the contrary,(c) it is difficult to see an opposition leader with such a huge lead in the polls being rolled and (d) Abbott would be the most unlikely candidate ever for a bit of nookie on the side.

Out of sympathy I refrained from reminding him that six weeks ago he reliably informed me Gillard would be rolled within two weeks and replaced by Simon Crean.

The Cook had a food laugh.  "He's been listening through too many key holes."


Raymond A francis said...

You are probably correct on all those suppositions although it never fails to amaze me how many holy than thou types are brought down by sexual shenanigans

Shane Ponting said...

Anyone with a half decent secretary secretly wants some of that ass, and a strong moral compass can only give you so much defense against her willingness to make it available

Anonymous said...


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 6:24

Shut your mouth before your the maggots get your tonsils.