Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Day The Campaign Ended - Updated

Update:-  Even the Washington Post agrees with Adolf.

"The answers to his critics’ questions could have broad implications for Obama five months before voters decide whether to grant him a second term. The expected protracted legal dispute has the potential to embarrass and distract the White House during the heart of the reelection campaign.......... 

........The Constitution does not mention executive privilege, said Rozell, who noted that courts have typically ruled that it applies in cases of vital national security interests.
That might be the legal definition, but the political calculus for the White House is whether what Obama is seeking to keep private is more damaging to him than failing to publicly disclose the documents.
“Every time a president claims executive privilege, it brings up memories of President Nixon’s abuses of that doctrine,” Rozell said."

Those who have been following American politics will know of 'Fast and Furious,' a programme run by Obama's justice department in which 2,000 AK47 and other type of assault rifles and assorted automatic high powered firearms were purchased in America under departmental oversight and passed on to Mexican drug cartels.  As a result, between two hundred and five hundred Mexican citizens are reported to have been murdered by traffickers using these weapons as have two American law enforcement agents.

It is widely held that the programme was set up deliberately to show that guns sold in the US were the real problem in Mexican violence, thus justifying a move to tighten gun ownership laws in the US. Unfortunately for Messrs Holder and Obama, a whistle blower went public and the dirty secret was out.

This scandal has been bubbling away for months, studiously ignored by all the MSM except Fox.  Most Americans don't yet know about it but after today, they will.

In what is arguably Obama's politically dumbest move ever, he today has invoked a presidential executive order to prevent Congress accessing key justice department documents.  This, on the same day the House Oversight Committee has moved to have Justice Department head, Attorney General Eric Holder, charged with contempt of Congress over his stonewalling and plain downright lying to the committee on this issue..

Suddenly the MSM have found their tongues - they now have no choice - and some are spinning as hard as they can for Obama.

The bottom line is Nixonian.  It looks very much as though the White House and likely the President were involved in Fast and Furious so people will be clamouring to know 'What are they trying to hide?'

Don't worry, folks.  It won't be very long before you don't have Obama to kick around anymore.


Budgieboy said...

hmmmm ... hope you're right Adolf ... but you and I both know that Mr Obama will NEVER face the kind of scrutiny that this whole shit fest demands.
Once again, he will get a pass and the majority of Americans will be shielded from the truth.

Simon said...

Worse than Nixon as no one died during Watergate.

Zero's Admin figured they had the MSM in the bag and if a couple hundred Mexicans were killed it was for the greater good.

Cedric said...

He even looks like Nixon in this photograph.

Anonymous said...

"He even looks like Nixon in this photograph."

Retarded much?