Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Control Freaks Hold The Line.

Further evidence of dogma trumping need.

ECAN staff are siezing on the earthquake damage to further eliminate log burners from Christchurch homes.

Homes that had a logburner as a primary heat source that often doubled as a total alternative to Electricity but require replacement due to EQ damage, are being declined any existing rights under the permit to reinstate the structure following the siesmic events of the last two years.

Using the National Guidelines on Air Quality as the gospel, these powerful little people are causing serious angst among the vulnerable.
With the weather delivering seemingly more adverse events coupled with an electrical infrastructure still in a fragile state, the need for alternative heating, water heating and cooking is more apparent than ever.

Yes the city has a problem with air polution due to geography and air flows at times of heavy frost but short bursts of 'smog' at odd times, usually localised and late at night, does not in itself make for insurmountable problems. As a boarding school pupil in the middle of last century the much smaller city had serious air polution problems with all homes heated by open coal fires, many cooking on coal ranges and a Gas works at Watham, smog would settle mid afternoon most calm winter days.

In current times air polution from Vehicle emissions have driven the share from home heating to much lower levels proportionately.

A reasonable question in 2012 would be how many health issues are manifesting due to cold homes that far outweigh problems with scattered readings of air polution exceeding the notional ideal that perpetrates the very unfair now extinguished right to a log fire for basic affordable comfort.

Modern Logburners are very efficient with dry firewood.

Oh and btw many of the state funded "heatpumps" are being seriously compromised by very cold outside air temperatures to a point that renders them ineffective.

Time methinks for the Commissioners to direct the idealogically  driven staff to be more practical in the face of clear evidence the policy is wrong headed.

Small comfort to die from hypothermia with no damage to the airway.


Anonymous said...

You're such a luddite. Fire good, modern, clean heating methods bad! Me build house with fire-burner!

You would also have opposed restrictions on the use of coal fires, so really your opinion is meaningless.

Psycho Milt said...

There's no Luddism about it. "Modern, clean heating methods" rely on electricity, which is fine only until earthquakes or heavy snow cut the power. And of those "modern, clean heating methods," heat pumps aren't a good solution for areas that go well below 0 degrees in winter - at least, not the cheap ones that are exactly the ones people on low incomes will be fitting. Log burners or pellet burners make a lot of sense in those environments.

PM of NZ said...

"no damage to the airway"

At least the corpse will have a lesser carbon content. Ya know, it's all about minimising those carbon taxes.

Tinman said...

Give a little man a little power and see what happens.

I agree GD (and PM), an alternative to electricity for heating makes sense even now that the earthquakes are getting smaller and less destructive.

gravedodger said...

@ Anonymous 10 03.
You clearly have no idea of the origin of the term "Luddite".

I am very fortunate and most of that is forward planning.
My home is heated with retention of solar heat supplemented with a console heat-pump, a nightestore appliance and a replica gas fire as augmentation. Emergency cooking is a gasfired BBQ and a 'Thermette'. I also have a 2KVA petrol generator to maintain a deepfreeze and communications.
That planning is a direct consequence of an June snowstorm in the early seventies in North Canterbury on SH1 just 40 Kms north of ChCh when we were without electricity for 8 days and survived in one room with a logfire.

Suggest you lookup the origin of the word luddite, read the post again and then try turning your electricity off for 24/48 hours in temperatures around zero with a wind chill factor tossed in and then try for a relevant comment on the post.

Shane Ponting said...

I'm a fan of gas heating myself....and if you want to avoid being dependent on infrastructure (gas network) then get the install with the dual tanks. When it goes below zero here the heatpump will do about 30 minutes service and then ice up (which makes sense). So I go and crank the flued gas heater up and we remain toasty.

Anonymous said...

For anyone promoting heat pumps I have 2 words for them - defrost cycle.

This kicks in especially on the coldest days where the heat pump suddenly stops, reverses it's cycle and starts sucking heat out of your house, so it can defrost itself.

Oh yes and when it does that it blows cold air back into the house.

When you live in a 100+ year old house with only ceiling insulation and a 11ft stud it kills any chance of warming.

We have this in our current house, but begged our boss for a wood burner.

Now we walk around in a t shirt and shorts and condensation doesn't exist in our place.

Power goes off?? No worries chuck a pot on the fire an away you go.

I tell you unless you live in a modern box house heat pumps suck!


dad4justice said...

I burn shit loads of NZ Native on me trusty old log burner. Stuff the corrupt filth at CCC. Try stop me Bob you lousy faggot!

Marc said...

1. Pellet fires are no good once the power goes off.

2. No reticulated gas in Chch., only bottled LPG. It is he most expensive form of heating and the gas mixture now available is useless in sub zero temperatures as the gas will not vapourise and only about 2/3 of the liquid you paid for is useable.

The ECAN bullies are nothing but ignorant clipboard holders, and I hope if someone's health is compromised that they get tarred and feathered out of our town. It really is pathetic, and CERA can order that the regulations are relaxed - so Gerry, we're looking at you too.

Anonymous said...

Why the MSm isn't applying the blow torch on Eugenie Sage I don't know. She was a former Ecan councillor and now Green MP - she has been pushing this for years. AND PEOPLE ARE DYING AS AS RESULT AND OUR FUCKING SHIT FOR BRAINS MSM DOES NTOHING ABOUT IT.

Anonymous said...

I'm all right Jack. I've got my wood burner. Who gives a rat's about air pollution eh?

NZ's love affair with wood burners. I guess you'd have to axe their cold dead hands off their wetbacks.....

Edwin Wigmore said...

I feel really sorry for the Christchurch people. There is nothing worse than being in a freezing cold home with a bunch of ideologues telling you how you can heat it.

Which reminds me, isn't it lucky we have global warming. Imagine how cold it would be without it.

dad4justice said...

Today I am installing a masport second hand log burner into a red stickered Cashmere home, where an elderly couple in their eighties are freezing too death. If the CCC turn up I will set my demo crew on to them. Take that Bob you bent mongrel. When are you and that Mayoress thingy joy riding around the world on the struggling ratepayers’ money? You corrupt c##t!!!!! Must go work in rain and sleet.Human's have a RIGHT to stay warm -p eh big fat Gerry?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:20:

You know full well that the Media will never,ever hold the greens to account.

This is why the greens are so dangerous.


Jason Knight said...

I didn't even realize that all of this has been going on. I think that it should be looked into more. I think that there is a lot of improvement to be made.