Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloomberg's Blooper? Not This Time

For once I agree with a proposal to restrict people's ability to wallow in bath tubs full of sugary soda.

New York Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to ban the sale of gigantic soft drinks at fast food outlets.

Good on him.

The maximum permitted will be 16 fluid ounces which, for the wet behind the ears, is 473 ml.  If you really really want to swallow more than three quarters of a pint of sugary goo with your fat saturated processed beef and ketchup, you'll still be able to go back for a refill.  FREE.

Anyone who has been to New York lately will attest to the size of the great fat arses waddling the streets.  If this measure encourages a few obese people to take more care about what they stuff down their throats then I'm all for it.

Everything in life is a 'trade' or a compromise.  I'll gladly trade away my ability to guzzle nearly half a gallon of sugary junk at a sitting in return for a reduction in the cost to the public purse of fixing up all the pathetic self induced diabetics and coronary cases.

I don't drink the bloody stuff.

Adolf can't remember the last time he consumed a 250ml glass of 'fizz' let alone 16 fluid ounces LET ALONE 32 FLUID OUNCES.  HOW STUPID ARE THESE FAT ARSED YANKS?

I don't drink the bloody stuff.


Andrei said...

None of your damn business or anybody else's how big the soft drink cups are.

Fucking big government types always looking for excuses to play nannies and get in everybody's faces.

Shane Ponting said...

+1 to Andrei.

Cameron W Browne said...

Fully agree with Andrei. None of the government's business in determining the size of drinks, how nanny state can you get? Police marching up and down Broadway checking every Wendy's and Taco Bell making sure no-one's selling certain quantities of drinks?

Just because you don't drink fizzy, doesn't give you the right to stop everyone else from doing it. In fact, it gives you more of a reason to stay out of other people's business.

Thin end of the wedge. Nanny state. Government misuse of resources. You know the argument, apply it here.

Anonymous said...

The absurd thing is that the fat arses will guzzle the smaller drink then get a refill so not reducing obesity one iota. More stupid regulation from the Democrat cum Republicans cum doesn't have a fucking clue wha he stands for.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 8:44

Most of the fat arses will be too lazy to get off their fat arses and go back for seconds.

Bloomberg is on to it.

Blair said...

So you think I shouldn't be able to buy a 44oz cup of Gatorade from my local gas station in 40 degree heat? Dumbarse.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Blair. YOU are the dumbarse if you think you are going to drink a litre of anything in one go in 40 degree heat. You drink small amounts at regular intervals, Believe me I know, having lived for some years in forty plus degrees heat.

Drinks are banned, not takeaways.

Buy a bottle instead, you dope.

Andrei said...

Who says Blair is going to drink his 44oz cup of Gatoraid in one gulp Adolf?

He may take small amounts at regular intervals from his 44oz cup rather than having to return to the convenience store at regular intervals to replenish his Government approved and certified small cup.

Anonymous said...

The left was always big on not making value judgements, morality they said was personal, of course they were talking about sexuality. So how come they are making moral judgements about food and drink?

Tinman said...

I agree with Andrei and others.

Limiting the size legislatively instead of offering education and allowing people to exercise their free will, ensuring those people also pay for the consequences is simply nanny-stateism.

Note; I also do not drink sugar-filled sweet drinks (except the occasional VB) and I am a fat bastard.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Andrei, don't be such a jerk.

Convenience stores sell the bloody stuff in B O T T L E S which are not banned.

Anonymous said...

Adolf has got Andrei so annoyed with this nanny state rubbish Andrei swore. Time to shut up Adolf - you're wrong. Legislation never really fixed anything to do with social issues and more is not the answer. User pays would help.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Yes, Andrei swearing is drastic. But merited.

Johnboy said...

I always drink my fizzy in small amounts. Four fingers of Scotch and a dash of soda.

Big Bruv said...

Of course Adolf thinks this is a good idea. He is a fan of big government.

Remember, the Nat's and Labour know how to run your life far better than you do. The sooner we all accept it the better.

Anonymous said...

You need to drink better Scotch Johnboy