Saturday, May 26, 2012

The World Has Run Out...

.........of other people's money.

But the Socialists haven't yet realised it.  Where can they go?  Where is Nirvana?

NZ Labour is f*****.  British Labour is P****.  Australian Labor is S******.  Obama is heading for the shitter.  Canada has woken up.

What's left?  Will they all migrate to, China?  Will the Soviets take them in?  Oh yes, Putin's mob is no more than the Soviets reincarnated.  What about Egypt?  The socialists all seem to think Islam is wonderful so maybe they could rush off and do some extended OE in one of the virtuous realms of the Mohammedan.  Make sure you don't take your rainbow faction or your moustachiod feminists with you.

Of course Adolf is forgetting those paradises of redistributed wealth, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Venezuela.

What are they to do?   Recant?

It seems vast swathes of Democrat voters in the United States are doing exactly that.



Redbaiter said...

You attempt to differentiate between Labour Governments and Opposition parties.

This is an entirely false construct.

The problem exists because opposition parties have caved in and adopted left wing policies.

Rather than rejecting populist left wing rhetoric and policy, spineless parties like NZ National have adopted it as their own.

The root of the problem is not the hard left, it is the soft right who have failed to stand firm on the policies they profess to believe in.

Cowards and compromisers on the right are the real reason behind the economic collapse.

There has not been a fighter like Thatcher in the ranks of the right for decades.

And given your undying support for the cowardly Keynesian Marxist John Key, you Adolf have no right to be using Thatcher's picture on this blog.

Anonymous said...

No! No right whatsoever to use a picture on your blog! Take it down forthwith, appeasing marxist filth, or you will encounter the froth of Redbaiter!

What an odd concept of rights you have little man. Please expand on that, at length, using abusive language and the words "cowardly" and "scum" as often as possible.

Mighty Kites said...

Hahaha, conveniently ignoring the fact that UK Labour is creaming the Tories in all opinion polls, and will wipe the floor with them in the election. But apart from that, kudos on your rabidly conservative speil. An excellent way to start the day off with a laugh