Monday, May 21, 2012

Voters Not Taken In

Labour will be mightily displeased at this example of voter common sense.

Labour cops debt blame

Churchill was right when he put his faith in 'the common sense of the British voter.'

It turns out most New Zealanders rightly sheet home to Clark's appalling regime the blame for the country's current level of debt.  All those election bribes which Labour knew could not simply be reversed in one term pf parliament.

Costly programmes put in place by Labour, including KiwiSaver, Working for Families and interest free student loans  All were endorsed by National, though it has taken the pruning shears to them, especially KiwiSaver.


Anonymous said...

Nats have had four years to undo them, and haven't done a thing. Bit lame to blame the previous administration for the current one's abject incompetence and cowardice.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous mouther @11:13

Your comment is simply not true. Even Vernon Small points to cut backs in largesse.

Had the Nats moved harder and faster you would now have Phil Goff as PM, Russel Norman as finance minister and Winston Peters as Minister of gratuitous grants to good mates.

Your real problem is the sub human kiwi voter who votes Labour no matter what.

Simon said...

Yeah but we will get those clowns in 2014 anyway. They will take over where National have left off. National haven't made meaningful structural changes except sell a few assets. Which the Comrades will try to grab back anyway.

National death by a thousand cuts vs labor / Greens death by guillotine. Still dead.

Anonymous said...

I think anon 11.13 is close to the mark. When National have publically lspeculated about the hard options the polls haven't plunged yet they seem unable to really reign in the waste so I'm not sure they have moved much at all.

The Labour vote seems awol so maybe they aren't the threat you think. I'd rather Key did a lot in two terms rather than not much in three. Slash and burn is harder for the left to recover from than a prune.

I also suspect people are looking at Greece and socialism of that type and seeing its a road to nowhere you'd really want to go.


Anonymous said...

Key's lot have only started. If they want to win again, they really need to get on with dismantling the absurdities created by Clark's gaggle of filth.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quite so Cadwallader and, if you remember, National clearly signalled before the 2008 election that it would not do any major slashing while the country was still in recession and in its second term any honest broker would have to concede there has been considerable progress made, all things considered.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Some of these commenters might have the good grace to blush when they read in this very day's paper an account of a stunning reversal of waste and inefficiency.

Psycho Milt said...

Just goes to show easily voters are played for suckers while telling themselves they're displaying "common sense."

It's right there in the story you linked to: Labour spent the surplus years of the 2000s paying down debt instead dishing tax cuts, and left the incoming National govt in 2008 the lowest net core crown debt in decades. In three years National quadrupled that debt because they lacked the bollocks to can Labour's surplus-era largesse after the GFC ended the surpluses. Full credit for the huge debts we're building up belongs to the current govt.

Andrei said...

Of course the voters have been taken in.

The voted to get rid of nanny state big government on to find they had vored in another nanny state big government party.

My God you could take 3/4s of the National party caucus and they fit right into the labour caucus, probably higher in fact.