Friday, May 25, 2012

Time To Clean Out The Temple?

It seems to Adolf that all is not what it seems or should be in the temple at St Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Ponsonby.

This is the church which is fronting the current campaign for a so-called living wage.  The parish minister, who is a leftist political activist, appears to be the spokesman for the campaign which was launched from his church..

David Farrar has exposed the lies and deceit put out to the media, first, with the details of the Samoan family 'struggling' to get by on their wages plus assorted social welfare hand outs altogether which bring into the unfortunate household some $136,000 per year gross income- if they had been told about them..  The Reverend spokesman failed to disclose the family has monthly finance company installments of $500 but even those should be a snip when you are on $136k.

David followed up with some useful information on their next poster child of poverty.   She is a single Mum, working as a cleaner and studying for a degree.  Not initially disclosed was the fact she is still 'negotiating' with the father of the children for support payments and worse, she had not been informed of the substantial financial assistance available to her from WINZ.

Let me introduce you to the Rev Obed Unasa, self styled 'Community Organiser.' (Can you believe it?)

The first question a formal Presbytery commission of inquiry into the antics of this minister should ask is:-

"Why did you not exercise your duty of pastoral care to you flock by making sure they were receiving all the benefits available to them courtesy of NZ tax payers?"

The second question should be:-

"How much of your time has been and is being spent on political activities which have little to do with your parish whose members pay substantial amounts each year to fund your stipend in return for which they expect and deserve the services of a full time devoted pastor and minister?"

The third question should be:-

"Has it occurred to you that your political activities might bring the Church into disrepute when you are seen to be indulging in the use of misinformation for partisan political purposes?  Can you point us to some scriptural justification for withholding material information which, were it known, would make a mockery of your campaign?"

And the final question should be:-

"Do you know how many Christians who support the centre right political parties have left the church because of your overt political activity?"

Members of the commission should examine the parish roll and, in particular, look for the names of people who have ceased to be members or associates.  Such examination will be instructive.  All the centre right supporters will have scarpered.  Funny thing is, they tend to give more to their churches than do the lefties who are remarkable mean.  That's why the membership is up but the offerings are down..

Such is the way God's servants bring about the decline of His church.

Here for readers is some background information on St Stephen's parish.  Such information is readily available from the Church's national website.


2011.............37......Adults Attending............36....Annual Offerings..$52k....Av per Adult..$1,440

2010.............28      Adults Attending............26...............................$50k..........................$1,920

2009.............28......Adults Attending............27...............................$52k..........................$1,930

2008.............28      Adults Attending............28...............................$50k..........................$1,790

Membership figures do not indicate the saving of many souls at St Stephens during this past five years. Too busy working for Labour, it seems.

Financial figures indicate a level of individual 'giving' which far outstrips the national average.  The average adult offerings for the Northern region in 2011 was $915 and there are some very wealthy Presbyterians who contribute generously to their parishes.  It looks to me as though a group of largely PI low income families are being squeezed dry to support the political activities of a leftist huckster.  He couldn't even be bothered taking them down to WINZ for an interview.


Anonymous said...

As a Christian that attends a good orthodox Presby church I find the blog interesting. I can't resist making a couple of points.

The great commission is not political.

In the OT Joshua encounters an angel and, looking for support, asks him whose side he's on. The angel says he's on God's side wich is, in the circumstances, a bit of a poke at the Jew.

Being left or right is pointless - there are simply rights and wrongs.

Bearing false witness is wrong.

I'm no better really in the terms that matter - we all have baggage but Jesus carries mine.



Psycho Milt said...

And here are some questions that could usefully be asked of right-wing bloggers:

"What lies and deceit are involved in pointing out to the media that $13.50 an hour isn't enough for workers to raise families?"

"What relevance do WINZ entitlements have to a campaign about low wages?"

"Given your outrage at the existence of Working For Families tax credits, haven't you got a damn cheek acting as though there's nothing wrong with pay rates because WFF supplements the low earners' incomes?"

"If people working full time are entitled to various WINZ payments to help make ends meet, do you really think that's an argument against wages being too low to live on?"

And the final question should be:
"Do you know how many New Zealanders have left the country because it pays such shit wages?"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

1 It is deceipt to assert a family IS struggling BECAUSE their only income is their wages.

2 All the relevance in the world.

3 Not at all. WWF is fine for genuine 'low wage' families. The outrage is about middle class welfare.

4 Yes. And by the way, low wages are NOT too low to live on. They are too low to support $400 per month finance company charges.

5 No but it won't be as many as you think and when they get to where ever they are going they often find things are not as rosy as they thought. EG prescription charges in Australia are around $35 and you and mugs are moaning about $5.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Further answer to your No 6

I know there was one. Adolf left NZ in 1970. He was offered a job in NZ at a salary of 2,200 with no perks. He started in a job in Australia with a salary of $4,000, a six cylinder company car with unlimited private milage and a 5% employer super contribution.

Milt, that is another bogus issue. Most of them come back, much more valuable than when they left.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

See what happens when you fail to insist that party politics stays outside the church door?